Dennis Weaver with the help of many movie stars including Larry Hagman posing in the photo with Dennis, put on a fund raiser auction for Drive to Survive on Saturday March 22nd 2003 at an estate near Rancho Marage (Palm Springs area) Electric Louie and Dave Cutter attended for Electrifying Times. Drive to Survive vehicles will drive cross country, including hybrid, electric, and fuel cell, starting from LA in May and ending in Wash DC at the Capitol to bring public attention to the need to convert to alternative fuel vehicles, and more specifically hydrogen.

Check out their web site for details, as well as ours.
Bruce Meland

We enjoyed the setting and the proceedings enormously. First, Dennis Weaver addressed the gathering, (no more than 50 people), with a brief overview of the IOE and the Drive to Survive itinerary.
Dennis followed with acknowledgments of auction item contributors and other supporters in attendance. The Prius may not be raffled until May 20, 2003, (as stated on their ticket order form).
The auction itself followed Dennis' speech indoors, and was a very lively part of the day, helped by Larry Hagman's animated and entertaining cooperation with Dennis Weaver; (and probably also helped by the copious amounts of alcohol being served. The grub was pretty good too, I might add). Auction items included a 'McCloud Hat', a buckskin leather jacket, a case of fine wine; things like that.

I did get to have a brief word with Dennis right at the end, but he was largely distracted by his responsibilities to his distinguished guests and other things. I did manage to convey Bruce Meland's apologies for not being able to be there, and mentioned Electrifying Times's interest in the Drive to Survive event.

Louie had distributed a fair amount of Electrifying Times's latest issue, so that they were noticeably available to everyone there. I saw several people reading through them, and some appeared to be discussing the contents. So Electrifying Times got some good celebrity exposure.

Larry Hagman and Dennis Weaver posed with the Hydrogen-fueled Shelby Cobra on display in the driveway of the estate where the auction was held. The car was on display through the College of the Desert's
Energy Technology Training Center (ETTC), that is part of the Riverside County Regional Occupational Program. The official driver and chief engineer on the project, James Heffel * was also available to answer questions and comment on the design of the Cobra. He told me that it was given to him by Carroll Shelby himself. 

The only other cars there on the day were two Toyota Prius' belonging to Dennis Weaver and Larry Hagman, (who commented that he got about 52 mpg on his drive from L.A. to Palm Springs).
óDave Cutter (Text & Photos) 

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Dennis Weaver and Drive to Survive are finishing in Washington DC at the NESEA Tour de Sol
Jim Heffel, Keith Adams may be contacted (regarding the Cobra) at (760) 773-2596.

SunBug - Sunline Transit's hydrogen 
fuel-cell 'neighborhood' two-seater 

Additional Photos by
Andrea Furia

Lindsay Wagner

Jim Heffel's 
'Shelby Hydrogen Powered Cobra'