Earth Day in Beverly Hills
Noel Adams & Tai Robinson Reporting

Noel Adams talked to Tom Gage of AC Propulsion at the Beverly Hills Earth Day celebration. ACP had the T-Zero there and also a Scion Xb that had a sign on it that said Not Electric... Yet. A second sign with a picture of the vehicle had HANKSTER written across it. Tom Gage confirmed that the company Tom Hanks talked about on the David Letterman Show was indeed ACP. Tom Gage told ET that the Li Ion battery pack in the t-Zero has now passed 20,000 miles and is not showing any loss of capacity. He also told ET that the prototype of the Scion Xb should be ready towards the end of this year and if they can get funding then it should go into production towards the end of 2005.

Palm Desert, Beverly Hills, CA -- April 24-25, 2004

Leveraging Earth Day celebrations throughout California to educate about AFV choices. On display Saturday were the Honda insight and Civic Hybrids, a battery electric Porsche  914, a solar powered evaporative refrigerator and my H2TOY Tacoma. At the Living Desert, the Inland Empire Alternative Fuel Vehicle Association invited me to help promote the upcoming International Hydrogen Drive 2004

Quite possibly the most important tour to hit the highways this summer, Dennis Weaver will be leading a caravan of hydrogen powered automobiles through Mexico, the U.S.A. and Canada.

Demonstrating the clean fuel technologies of today while touring existing and future hydrogen filling stations is quite  timely.

With unleaded gasoline prices hitting the $3.00 mark and expected to  rise, the chance to show the economic savings of cleaner fuels to the public will be very well received.

The gasoline gallon equivalents of hydrogen, natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel and plug in electric can all be obtained today for  well under the price of fossil based fuel. These cleaner fuels also make vehicles last longer with reduced maintenance costs.

As an added bonus, these  cheaper, cleaner fuels are not only better for the environment, but hydrogen burned in existing engines can actually clean the air! The only limiting factor now is that most people do not know that these options exist.

That is why I have been hitting the pavement to get this valuable knowledge to the people so they can make informed decisions in their transportation fuel consumption.

On Sunday in Beverly Hills I attended a beautiful farmers market that was  celebrating Earth Day. Here we met new people and saw old friends. Tom Gage of AC Propulsion had his company t-Zero on display. Tom told me a little about a couple projects he has been working on. Besides talking with manufacturers for his technologies in Europe and the USA, Tom has been developing a low cost battery electric conversion of the Scion xB. This product would bring a welcome new contender to the EV ring.

Laguna Beach had a trio of Wavecrest TidalForce electric bicycles for people to test. I had ridden the mountain bike before so I hopped on the beach cruiser and enjoyed its relaxed riding position. Also on hand was an e-raser electric scooter and an electric mini bike.

Kevin Penrose

Anuvu was represented by Craig Newhouse and his wealth of information about  their hybrid fuel cell pick up. Anuvu looks forward to driving this vehicle in the hydrogen drive June 28 through July 12. Anuvu is also planning on showcasing their fuel cell boat during the IHD 2004.
Last but not least was the Veggie Car and Joshua Tickell. Josh has been busy promoting biodiesel with his movies and just endorsed a wonderful product, the Fuel Meister from Biodiesel Solutions. With this product, absolutely anyone can make fuel for their diesel vehicle in their own garage.

Check out for more information and if you are ready to purchase one of  these units, I would be glad to be your independent dealer and help you get started brewing your very own biodiesel with the Fuel Meister.

Tai Robinson, driving nothing but clean fuels and reporting for Electrifying Times