Electric Vehicles Take Off!

The electric bike (or ebike) is an EV, that - finally - is available,
affordable and is being enthusiastically received. At prices from $335 for
a power system kit (that fit most bicycles), with best selling complete
electric bikes costing no more than $700 to $900, tens of thousands were
sold last year in the U.S. More ebikes were sold in Europe, and some
300,000 in Japan.

The uses and applications of the ebike is numerous. Millions of Americans
love to bicycle but largely don't. Now they are rediscovering the joys of
biking! The ebike rider controls her/his level of effort and perspiration.
The ebike pedals easily, and its powerful motor combines to create
bicycling as if there were no hills.

As per nationwide legislation the ebike requires no license, or
registration, is designed to be compatible with its pedal-only cousin, and
is typically allowed also on bike lanes and trails. Speed on level ground
is 13-18 mph without pedaling.

Electric Vehicles Northwest (EVsNW) operates one of very few, dedicated
Light EV Stores anywhere. While also offering scooters, mopeds, and
motorcycles its main business is ebikes. EVsNW offers kits and many models
of complete ebikes, including hub motors, on-tire and chain drive systems.
It best-selling make is the US Pro Drive system by Currie, a company that
that tends to deliver the steak before the sizzle.  Its high efficiency
chain drive system sells as a kit, and is also incorporated in a factory
mountain bike, cruiser, folder, trike, and a brand new stand-on scooter
(the Phantom).

EVsNW also fits kits on recumbents (such as the Vision), and offers a
front-wheel drive system for rear internal hub bikes such as the
neo-classic Electra touring/commuting bike. EVsNW produces ebike
accessories such as a state-of-charge gauge, a 10 W headlight powered from
the propulsion pack, and a trailer arm adapter kit.

Electric Vehicles Northwest
110 N 36th
Seattle, WA 98103