EcoVehicle Enterprises, Inc.

Sealed lead/acid - AC motor - 35-40 miles range - Priced at less than $10,000

John Dabels CEO
15022 Ballantyne Country Club Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277

EcoVehicle integrates automotive components and computer technology into a racecar frame. The result is ride, handling and functionality of a highway-speed vehicle. Key to product development was bringing together auto OEM experience of Rich Marks and racecar experience of Allison Brothers Race Cars.

John has extensive automotive and management experience, including 25+ years with General Motors in a number of financial and marketing executive positions, including Director of Marketing for Buick Division and Director of Worldwide Market Development for the GM Electric Vehicle Program.

Since 1993, John has been involved with development, introduction and management of companies that have offered a series of viable electric-powered vehicles. John served on the Board of the National Association for Senior Living Industry Executives. John is a graduate of Drake University and MIT, where he was an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow.

Chief Engineer of Vehicle Product Platforms:
Richard W. Marks

Richard has 30+ years automotive product/manufacturing engineering and worked on the GM Electric Vehicle Program. He is a graduate of University of Maryland and Cornell University. Richard is a registered professional engineer. Kenneth J. Allison, working closely with Rich Marks, leads the Company’s effort to quickly develop and manufacture a series of cost-effective products for various niche markets.

Frame and chassis design for EcoVehicle were developed at Allison Brothers Race Cars, Inc., which was founded in 1987 by Kenny, Ronald, and Donald Allison. Allison Brothers Race Cars has fabricated Winston Cup, Busch Grand National, ARCA, All Pro, and Sportsman cars.

The brothers have built racecars and components for over 30 race teams. Allison Brothers Race Cars also manufactures the Allison Legacy Race Car. The facility is located approximately 45 minutes north of Charlotte near Salisbury, NC, on US 70. Visitors are welcome.

French & Associates, Inc., based in St. Petersburg, FL, will serve as exclusive sales agent for Florida. Gordon French, a principal, was previously CEO of an advertising/marketing firm specializing in promoting senior housing and senior products. French & Associates have extensive experience in selling to master planned communities and municipal governments, including long association with the Innovation Groups, an organization of municipal governments.

- EcoVehicle is a stakeholder in the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition -

Cute as a button, like a mini-Scion...