Two Cairns, Australian inventors on March 12, 2001 unveiled a world first commercial motor generator which can power a house with a continuous clean, green and virtually free energy source, which are neutrinos and other gamma particles coming from our sun the stars which have been recently identified to exit in three states and have mass and electrical charge. The machine, developed by Brinsmead mechanical engineer John Christie and electrician Lou Brits, have an international patent pending and the motor generator is expected to go on the market for $4-5K

Relying on the attraction and repulsion of internal magnets, the Lutec 1000 operates continually on a pulse-like current 24 hours a day, producing 24 kilowatts of power, once it is kick started from a battery source. The device is more than 500% efficient, compared to a car, which is less than 40% efficient No power lines will be needed to distribute energy from the individual power sources. There is no heat, harmful emissions or airborne matter involved the transmission of electricity from the generation system. One must consider replacement of the magnets, which have a life of 1300 years and the battery pack which has a life of about five years. The machine would be considered a perpetual motion machine if it were not for the recent discovery and identification of neutrinos by a team of Japanese and American Scientists which indicated the these powerful neutrinos are able to completely penetrate the earth and objects and are essentially the gravitational matter that pervades the universe.

Neutrinos are considered the smoking gun of the universe's dark matter. Demonstration of the motor-generator at Mr. Christie's Brinsmeid, Australian home revealed the device in all its glory - better than the average cyclone back up generator but much less noisy. Mr. Christie and Mr. Brits have been tinkering together on the motor in their spare time since they met in a Sheridan St cafe five years ago. They began sharing ideas and one and a half years ago, the design was perfected and the pair applied for a patent with Brisbane patent attorney Griffith Hack. Mr. Christie said the next step was to develop a small scale pilot plant in Cairns to begin distributing the motors to the places where they were needed the most - such a shops and homes in the power starved Daintree region and the Torres Strait in Australia.

Christi indicated the only problem now is raising $500,000 to start their production plant. "Were trying to keep it local and trying to keep it in Australia, but it might be difficult, because offshore businesses are more aggressive in taking up new revolutionary technology." Mr. Christie said: "already the invention has received interest from United Stares, China, Japan and Indonesia. But we want to set up here and put the product on the market first and then well take it to the world" Mr. Christie indicated "It has been difficult to keep the work under wraps, considering the quantum leap this technology brings to an energy hungry world.

The invention has such a huge potential in the quest for clean green energy production, with no harm to the environment. Mr. Christie also indicated they had feared the worst once they realized the significance of their invention. "We were afraid our kids would be kidnapped or we would be shot, or our laboratory burned to the ground like has happened in the US. "Im not kidding", he said, "you hear horror stories about people running up against the oil companies" Oil companies need not fear the competition as it will take 20 years to get to most households and by that time we will be out of oil. People in the main are desperately looking for technologies that will help our environment".

The pair has begun discussions with Ergon, a local utility, as there is also the opportunity to sell the excess electricity back to the grid. Mr. Christy said the average home with a pool needed only 14kw of energy per day- which meant a 12kw daily excess, would be left over during the generation process for feeding back to the grid.

Griffith Hack partner Cliff Carew, who were speaking from Brisbane, confirmed the device was genuine and unique "an international patent application has been applied, and a international patent search has not come up with anything similar. So it would seem to be a new concept, Mr. Carew said. It would be another two and a half years before the patent was recognized in 140 countries around the world - the usual length of time for an international patent to be processed. Pat no:

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Source Cairns Post - Front Page - March 7, 2001