The EVAA Electrowave Tour

The Electrowave tour was excellent on the electric buses in South Beach, Miami. The twin 11" Solectria AC motors propelled the vehicle with a single speed to 35mph. 

The vehicle handled well with the twin 2k lb fork lift removable batteries low and centered. The electric buses operate at 10 per mile including batteries compared to 30 per mile of the previous diesels. 

The twice daily battery swap operation takes 15 minutes and a new design being tested uses fast opportunity charging to eliminate the swapping. The pilot program is working well without having to swap the batteries with a fork lift at all.  

The electric buses are made by AVS Advanced Vehicle Systems in Chattanooga Tennessee. The twin 11" Solectria AC motors in the rear operate the bus through a single drive axle up to 35mph without a transmission. 

There are two 156V 2k pound batteries in steel containers on either side of the bus low and centered for proper weight distribution for excellent handling. They have fork lift slots on the bottom for easy swapping using a fork lift. 

Presently the air conditioning which runs constantly in stop & go traffic in Miami Beach is propane powered but should be electric drive in the future with opportunity charging becoming more prevalent.

Bus Fare only 25!!!
Operating since 1998 with 22 Buses

For more information, contact Judy Evans, Contract Manager of the ELECTROWAVE and the Executive Director of the Miami Beach Transportation Management Association

AVS Advanced Vehicle Systems
7801 Lee Highway
Chattanooga, TN 37421
423-821-3146 FAX 423-821-0042

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