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Dr Harry Bradbury (left)
introduces Gordon Brown (center)
and Andy Reed, MP for
Loughborough (right)
 to the env Motorbike.

The env motorbike and Core made their first, post-press launch, public appearance at EVS21 in Monaco between 2-6 April 2005. Following Monaco the two env bikes were shipped to the United States for an official press launch. First showing will be in Los Angeles, where Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is planning to create a Hydrogen Highway and where Intelligent Energy is soon to set up its new world headquarters.

On the 19th of April 2005, UK Chancellor Gordon Brown visited Intelligent Energy's Loughborough facility where he saw the full range of Intelligent Energy's fuel cell technology. CEO Dr Harry Bradbury gave the Chancellor a detailed explanation of the recently unveiled env motorbike. "Another great British invention" commented the Chancellor as he saw a demonstration of the bike's near silent operation.

On Tuesday 15 March the story of env hit the UK news stands, with the first editions of London’s Evening Standard carrying the first published story in print even before the press launch was concluded at London’s Design Museum. By the following morning the media frenzy was in full flow, including an early morning announcement on Radio 4’s influential Today program as well as slots on many local and national radio. The story of the “silent bike” was prominent in all of the UK press, including an appearance on the front pages of The Guardian.

Mainstream motorbike consumer weekly Motorcycle News featured it in a prominent double page spread while television broadcasts – including Sky News - were spreading the story not just at home but also globally. By the third post-press launch day enquiries were streaming in from quite literally all corners of the globe. Interest continues to grow apace as the world begins to realize the impact that this groundbreaking technology could have.

Electrifying Times next edition, out very soon, will feature the ENV, the world's first purpose built fuel cell hybrid motor bike. Built in the UK and after debut at EVS-21 in Monaco, MotorCycleNews, said "this could be the most important new motorcycle ever" The Daily Mirror added "the only way to get more environmentally friendly than this is to walk."