Glendale, Los Angeles, California

VIP Reception & Grand Opening!!!
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The Party held May 17, 2007 at the Gibson Guitars showroom in Beverly Hills.
The Grand Opening held May 22, 2007 at the dealership in Glendale, CA.

- Taryn Sokolow, Kent Sokolow & Chris Payne -

Electrifying Times was an official sponsor of the big event at the Gibson Guitars showroom in Beverly Hills in honor of EnVironmentalMotors, by far the largest all 100% pure electric vehicle dealership in the world, located in Glendale, California, an immediate suburb of Hollywood, with over 20 different models on their floor, ranging from Zaps to Zenns, by way a few few liquid fuel Smarts... but the EV version is coming soon.

It's been a long road for the EV industry coming this far, when suddenly, thanks to a little documentary called "Who Killed The Electric Car?" neighborhood electric vehicles are all the rage in LA... where actors can easily drive off the studio lot to travel around the City in NEVs, wiz in and out of traffic, on not a drop of gasoline. There's a saying there: "If you don't drive an electric car, you just haven't arrived yet!" and Taryn Sokolow, director of EnVironmentalMotors, aims to make sure everybody in town gets to play by the new rules.

A few days ago, Zap issued a press release about their vehicles being chosen by Domino's Pizza. EVs are a favorite of delivery businesses... it means the kids driving them won't go for a joy ride down to the beach with their fresh squeeze... Galactic Pizza (see Vlog) started the EV pizza craze back in Minneapolis four years ago with a fleet of Sparrows... the drivers wear superhero costumes... must be contagious! Imagine if everyone with a delivery service did this in LA? Maybe with a little help from Greenopia.

Sure, not everybody can be actor/activist George Clooney and own a 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds pocket rocket like the Tango to cruise around Bel Air... Tangos are still a customized order... But over 300 people have purchased a Tesla Motors roadster... most of them in LA, so unless Big Oil and Detroit stage a raid on Tesla's assembly plant... by this time next year, Rodeo Drive is going to look more and more like a bumper car ride.

EnVironmentalMotors is a celebration of this new pioneering spirit... where the City with the foulest air and the worse traffic jams in the world, may finally be taking a cue from Science Fiction and Minority Report, to transform into Tomorrowland. And who better to lead the way than a little town of 35,000 residents in Georgia called Peachtree City, with over 8000 registered electric cars! Something tells me Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa needs to extend an open invitation to Mayor Harold Logsdon to visit the City of Angels, show them how it's done! Daniel Diaz of Papillon Productions in Hollywood and Mayor Logsdon are friends, so perhaps this can be arranged.

The fearless leader of these events is PR powerhouse Nicole Landers. Any changing of the guard can be a very unruly affair. Nicole has helped set up some mighty green carpet rides, notably at the Oscar's, she knows the influence a good gathering can have on the course of history, the difference heroes and icons make in shaping public opinion, carving markets, selling the message. Save the cheerleader, Save the world!

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The event benefited Trees For The Future. Live acoustic performances by Paul Freeman, Billy Morrison with Circus Diablo and Michael Des Barres. Sponsors were VEEV, Aquarius Oxygen Water, Steaz, Cell-nique, Whole Foods, Cool Earth Cleaning, South Cone, rc green, and Michael Smith Event Music! Landers PR Production.

Thanks to our shooters... Dave Cutter, Isaac Madera & Gaylord Hill