More Cool Pix of New EVs at EVAA 2002
"The Barton" LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) by B.I.G.Man

It was designed by Paul Barton of Alva, OK. The Low speed vehicle is recognized by the Federal Govt. for vehicles with a maximum speed of 25mph. The 48 volt "Barton" zooms up to 75 miles between charges. With an automatic transmission, illuminated instrument panel, rack and pinion steering and a all wheel breaking system, the "Barton" provides all the luxuries of a full-sized automobile as well as basic safety features including seatbelts.

Length: 102 in 
Width: 48 in 
Height: 75 in Curb 
Wt.: 1450 lbs

Steve Lawrence of Georgia Power takes a ride on "Electric Louie's" Electric Skateboard in the EVAA Exhibition Hall at the Westin Hotel and Conference Center in Hollywood Florida. 

Length: 4ft 
Width: 1ft 
Height: 9 in 
Weight: 50 lbs 
Batteries 24 v. 
Speed:25 mph
Range: 20 miles

Hybrid Big Rig Truck by AVS. Advanced Vehicle systems of Chattanooga TN, builder of electric and hybrid buses in conjunction with Enova Systems of Torrance California developed and built the AVS Hybrid Truck with an Enova Systems Panther 240 Electric Motor and a 60 kW Capstone MicroTurbine. Because of the large battery bank the hybrid truck can operate in a zero emission mode for many route segments. It uses Liquid Natural Gas, LNG, to run the microturbine and can handle up to 55,000 GVW. It took only 51 days for AVS and Enova to complete the conversion of the International Truck. For more information go to