Your Electric Vehicle can provide emergency electrical power for your home in case of electrical brown out. A very good Animated Y2K Cartoon

In the era of extreme weather patterns, that can cause temporary brownouts of a few hours to a few days, or one of more then 200 million vehicles,"cramed to the hilt on US highways", veers off the road and downs a power line, causing a local brownout, a power plant goes up in smoke like one recently near Chicago, Or Remember Three Mile Island ? or Y2K (year 2000) kicks in and a power plant shuts down, as some utilities may not have their computer software updated, resulting in computer confusion and shutdown. Well, if you have an electric vehicle in your garage, when a brownout occurs, you have available 8,000-12,000 watt-hrs (8-12 KW-hrs) watts stored in the batteries which can be used to power you refrigerator, lights, TV and computer for several hours until the power comes back on or in time for you to run to the store to buy or rent a portable generator. If you have a portable gas generator and no battery storage backup from an Electric Vehicle, you will have a hard time sleeping as the noisy generator must run all night to keep your food cool or your heater fan going to keep you warm. Whereas if you have an EV with the batteries fully charged, the power stored in the batteries should keep your power needs through the night, and hence a good nights sleep, without the use of a noisy generator. The additional equipment needed for you EV to achieve this home power backup capability is a DC to AC converter, commonly called a power inverter, which takes the DC(direct current), energy power stored in the batteries, and converts it to AC(alternating current) which most of your appliances use to keep your home conveniences running. Electrifying Times Editor, Bruce Meland, owns a EV mini van which runs on 18, 12V Optima Yellow Top deep cycle batteries, each of which stores 65 amp hours of electrical energy. Simple calculations reveal these batteries can deliver (18x12V)=216Vx65amp/hr=13,945 watt/hr of energy. This is enough electrical energy to power your home (excluding electric heat) for several hours. For more details on Inverters and hookup, contact Trace Engineering. Subscribe <subscrib.html>