The eXkate

Mary Ann Swarson of Vancouver WA tries out electric skateboard, called the eXkate, at Vancouver Home and Garden Show April 26-28 2001.

The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association was invited to show off their electric vehicles at the show.

The eXkate was popular with the younger generation and most got a chance to ride it with a remote control throttle and break.

The second generation remote controlled eXkate 24 volt electric skateboard will be launched soon. Electrifying Times is taking orders on a first come, first served basis. 

The second generation eXkate will be 13 lbs lighter, more maneuverable and have approx. a 10 mile range. It is fun, exciting and designed for experienced skateboarders who wear protective gear and have a safe place to ride. 

The retail price for the new designed eXkate is $995 US.

To place an order email us at or call
541-388-1908 to leave an address and telephone number. 

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