by Ron Bermudez,
RPMX Image Resources

I met Jeff Pink (Budget EV President) at the news conference where I was representing the Ford LA Street Race on Media Day. Team RPMX was to photograph the Ranger EV at the event site as well as other various locations. When I first saw the Ford Ranger EV it looked like a regular truck, until I turned on the key. Then I waited to hear the truck start, I looked over at Jeff Pins and said, "I think this truck is dead." Jeff replied, "no just stick it in drive and step on the accelerator. "To my amazement the Ranger EV took off with a faster exhilaration than the gasoline Ranger. I had the Ranger EV for a week and drove it all over LA Freeways, downtown, and normal Southern California conditions. The Ranger EVs' performance in general far exceeded my expectations, not only quiet, but clean burning. The handling characteristics were more like a Ford Taurus than a Ford Ranger.

As a passenger in the Ranger EV during practice sessions, with race driver Steve McCord from Galpin Ford, we easily reached speeds of 90 mph+ in some sections of the truck. The truck handled extremely well under the LA Street Race conditions.

As a racing photographer, the only drawback of the EV vehicles was the lack of engine noise. You had to pay very close attention in and around the pit areas. The traditional screaming of the engines wasn't there to warn you of their rapid approach, only the screeching of tires.

In closing, in this photographer's eyes alternative fuels are the fuel for the future, and the Ford's electric Ranger EV is a proven vehicle.

Rom Bermudez, Head Photographer and Co-Founder