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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 18, 2000 – Ford Motor Company today delivered 15 Ranger EV pickup trucks and charging stations to the Presidio Trust, bringing the federal agency one step closer toward a fleet powered totally by environmentally responsible alternative fuels.
The Ford Ranger EVs will be used for maintenance and rehabilitation purposes by the Trust’s Facilities staff, and complements a fleet that already includes nine compressed natural gas vehicles, and gasoline powered cars and trucks.
The Presidio, a decommissioned military base that was converted into a national park, is currently being redeveloped by the Trust as a model of environmental responsibility.  It will be comprised of educational, business and cultural organizations, as well as residential housing.  One of the Trust’s goals is to provide environmentally responsible transportation for Presidio-based employees.
“It is important for the Presidio Trust to set the tone in providing pollutant-free vehicles, especially since we work in a national park,” said Jim Meadows, executive director for the Trust.  “I believe these Ranger EVs will prove their worthiness so that other national parks will follow our lead.”
Powered by advanced nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, the Ford Ranger EV is a zero emission vehicle (ZEV), which means it produces absolutely no smog-contributing emissions.  In addition to the environmental benefits, electric vehicles also cost less to operate, require less maintenance and have improved energy efficiency compared to gasoline-powered vehicles of similar type and size.
 “A fleet of Ford Ranger EVs is perfect for maintaining the environmentally responsible Presidio community," said John Wallace, executive director of TH!NK Group, an enterprise of Ford Motor Company.  "These trucks are ‘Built Ford Tough’ and perform just as well as the gasoline-powered Ranger, but with zero emissions."
The Presidio Trust was created by Congress in 1996 and is responsible for preserving the Presidio’s natural, historic and scenic resources, while making the national park financially self-sufficient by the year 2013. 
The NiMH battery-powered Ranger EV performance is similar to its gasoline counterpart and has a driving range of about 70 to 90 miles before recharging, depending on factors including temperature, terrain, payload and driving habits.  With acceleration from 0-50 mph in 12.5 seconds and a top speed of 75 mph, the trucks are also capable of highway driving.
The Ranger EV utilizes a Power Control Station (PCS) with conductive charging technology to recharge the vehicle’s battery pack.  Since PCSs can be installed almost anywhere, the Trust had 12 stations installed and received three additional portable stations for use throughout the community.
Today’s announcement builds on a list of industry-leading initiatives by Ford aimed at reducing vehicle emissions and producing more environmentally responsible cars and trucks.
Most recently, Ford Motor Company, in partnership with Baker Electromotive of Rome, NY, was issued the largest contract in electric vehicle history by the United States Postal Service (USPS).  The USPS ordered 500 electric mail delivery vehicles, based on the Ranger EV, with the option to purchase 6,000 more.
Last November, Ford announced plans to provide the new TH!NK city battery electric car to the Presidio beginning the middle of this year.  The TH!NK city will provide zero emission commuting for Presidio residents and businesses.
TH!NK city provides comfortable transportation for two adults and is designed for urban driving, with a range of approximately 50 miles and a top speed of about 50 miles per hour.  Most of the vehicle is recyclable, including its nickel-cadmium batteries and thermoplastic body panels.
Ford Motor Company currently offers more choices of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) than any other automaker in the world, and has sold more AFVs than all automotive manufacturers combined since 1990.  With the recent introduction of the TH!NK city, TH!NK neighbor personal mobility low speed vehicle, TH!NK electric bikes and US Postal Service EV, Ford Motor Company now offers 14 AFV products that run on natural gas, propane, ethanol or electricity.