Driver of this car is Ennio Bini, Italian Regional Rally 
Champion in Liguria with a car from the Exide Bonove's Team

Marcelo Padin

July 16th 2002

Hi ET,

I send to you a photo with a Fun Boost car of the Electric Cars Italian Championship and some technical data. 

The car is built in France by PRM with headquarters in Magny Cours, near the circuit.

Italian Federation of Electric Cars (FIVES) imported the chassis and they made all jobs of electrification. The category was born this year and all cars have the same body with a special parameters to keep the competitiveness between one and the other. 

Batteries (for all cars) are Exide, lead acid, with a Tudor markt. 
Electronics is furnished by Elektrosystem and engines by Brusa

The maximum weight is 850 kg without driver.  
Battery weight can be at maximum the 50% of the total weight of the car. Maximum tolerance is 5%.
Not allowed other types of batteries (gel, NiCd..)
Not allowed the modifies in the chassis, as exception for installation of batteries and engines and electronic systems.

Next week end there is a race in Teramo (Center of Italy).

Marcelo Padin 

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