The G-Spot Girls
By David Cutter

I don't know the girl's names, or what agency they came from . . . or anything, really. They didn't speak a word to anyone. The one girl I approached the following day couldn't even acknowledge my presence. 

Maybe they were instructed not to talk to anyone, or in fact, may have been deaf for all I know?!?! (or maybe they were clones from Clonaid). They posed for my shots when I asked them to, so I know they weren't deaf.

They were billed as the G-Force Girls, . . . gee! (and were part of some outfit promoting this new energy drink; along with some other acrobats who were obviously there to drum up interest in the product. On the hour, every hour, they did this insane and wildly exaggerated performance choreographed to equally insipid techno-muzak). 

The girls just struck poses and did nothing else but reveal their contours to the ogling eyes of incredible numbers of overage fatsos in the audience, mesmerized by the entire spectacle. One guy in the crowd even got hit in the head with a flying can of whatever it was, and just stood there looking like a 'Barney' out of the Simpsons.

Anyway, if you want to use my photo, I would like it very much if you would please include the following:

"Village E-Bike is a division of Pleiades-Enterprises (; a California company that promotes NuAge Energy and new technology. Their chief correspondent from NuEnergy News recently attended the International CES in Las Vegas (January 9-12, 2003) to report on innovative design pertaining to EV's. The folding mini eBike (pictured) is powered by a 24-Volt li-ion solid polymer battery and was P-E President, Dave Cutter's, personal transportation during the 4 day event that drew over a hundred-thousand visitors from around the world."

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NuEnergy News was conceived & designed to inform people of new technology and improved energy management methods in general, and without any desire to pass comment on what it is we are highlighting. Although EV's and transportation may be our main focus in this, we also value the importance of the larger picture overall, pertaining to alternative methods of improved energy management in general.

We've seen the future . . and it's Electric!

Text & Photo - January 18, 2003
Dave Cutter

(Thanks Dave! The world needs more green latex EV babes ... :) Remy C. ET web-ed)