Galifornia Gasoline Prices Jump to Highest Levels Ever
 California motorists are paying 42 percent more for their gasoline than they did just one month ago - and the prices are at their highest levels ever, reports Reuters.  Just one month ago, motorists paid an average of $1.10 per gallon; on April 5, the statewide average was $1.58 per gallon.  In some areas, some gasoline grades sold for $1.99.  Outraged by the price hikes, one group is calling for a statewide "gas-out" - a boycott of gasoline purchases on April 30 - but others say the gesture may not be significant, considering gasoline sells in much of the world for $3 to $5 per gallon.  Ironically, higher gas pricing could have positive benefits if it spurs the use of more fuel-efficient or alternative-fueled vehicles, cuts vehicle miles traveled or the emission of greenhouse gases linked to global climatic change.