EV1s Go Cross-Country

Coast-to-Coast Electric Vehicle Road Trip
Santa Monica, California to Orlando, Florida
3,030 Miles.

The people behind EVOdyssey are dedicated to taking the electric vehicle to the public and integrating electric vehicle technologies into our daily lives. With these priorities in mind, on November 4, 1999 the EVOdyssey will launch with a historic trip from the Santa Monica Pier in Southern California to the the East Coast, Orlando, Florida. We are a grass-roots organization born of the EV1 Owners Club of Southern California and this Web site is produced as a public service to help educate people about these wonderful vehicles.

The Trip:
To Map New Corridors Until We Don't Have To.

EVOdyssey was started by a small group of individuals who are dedicating themselves to mapping the major routes of the United States with charging stations for electric vehicles. This is a grass-roots volunteer effort with the stated mission, "To Map New Corridors Until We Don't Have To". The EVOdyssey Web site is produced as a public service to help educate the public about electric vehicles and their practical use in every day life.

Departing on November 4, at 5:15 a.m. from the Santa Monica Pier, EVOdyssey drivers will travel 3,030 miles in 14 days to complete the first transcontinental crossing of Zero Emission Electric Vehicles. The purpose of the trip is to begin mapping the major routes of the United States with charging stations for electric vehicles and to educate the public about these futuristic cars and their practical use in every day life.

Traveling through the Southern states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida the EVOdyssey drivers will be available to answer questions in several markets where electric vehicle technology is beginning to be introduced. "People stop me on the street to ask questions about my electric car, and they are often critical of the 60-70 mile distance you can travel on a charge." said event organizer CE Raum, "But if we can drive across the country in an electric car, you can easily use one for your daily commuting around town."

EVOdyssey has produced a web site, including manning chat rooms at several scheduled locations to allow interested parties to join and ask questions from around the globe. Information on trip planning, Electric Vehicles and bios of the participants are also available on the Website. The web site address is:


Press/Photo Opportunities:

- Santa Monica, CA (November 4, 1999) - EV enthusiasts will meet the EVOdyssey drivers on the historic Santa Monica Pier. Four electric vehicles will travel along on the first leg to Phoenix.
Contact: CE Raum (310) 890-5525

- Phoenix, AZ (November 5, 1999 5:30 p.m.) - A meeting of the Arizona EV1 Owners Club, with representatives from General Motors, and parties interested in clean air technologies.
Contact: Robert Skrzynski (602) 956-5465

- Dallas, TX Energy Park (November 10, 1999 10:30 a.m.) - Representatives from TXU (Texas Utility) and Saturn Corporation will join the drivers to display renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. The cars will also be on display at Saturn of Irving.
Contact: Rand Levonn - TXU (214-812-3675)
Jullie Jaggers – Saturn (972-221-5500)

- Spring Hill, TN (November 15, 1999) - Home of Saturn Corporation, the division of GM responsible for the Sales, Marketing, and service for this remarkable Vehicle.

- Chattanooga, TN (November 16, 1999 9:00 a.m- TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority), City Officials, and Saturn of Chattanooga join to showcase the their commitment to "Clean Cities" and an expansive electric bus fleet at the Chattanooga Transit Building.
Contact: David Howard - TVA (423) 751-1005)

- Atlanta, GA (November 17-20, 1999) - Opening day for NAEVI (North American Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Conference & Exposition) the Cobb Galleria Convention Center hosts a 4-Day showcase for new electric vehicle technologies. The EVOdyssey drivers will be present to meet the public, and we will publish reports about the trade show here in this site.
Contact: Jamie Peters – Southern Company (404) 506-7511
Kara Flynn – EVAA (202) 508-5039

- Cocoa Beach, FL (November 23, 1999) - 3030 miles later EVOdyssey finishes with visits to one of America's premiere "Clean Cities" and the Kennedy Space Center.
Contact: Bob Suggs (305) 552-4133

The drivers are available to do interviews at scheduled stops
or by phone from the road.

A complete listing of all charging locations is available on-line
click on any date on the calendar to see that day’s scheduled stops

About The Electric Car

In 1997 General Motors became the first automobile manufacturer to produce and lease a practical electric vehicle – the EV1. This car was quickly recognized as a revolution in transportation. Although marketed as a strictly commuter vehicle, owners of the EV1 immediately put the car to the test and have been pleasantly surprised with their results.

The 1997 Model Year EV1’s with Valve Regulated Lead-Acid batteries driven by the EVOdyssey participants have shown themselves to be true driver’s cars. With a 0-60 acceleration of about 7.2 seconds and a 137 horsepower AC Induction electric motor, the cars performance outclasses most ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars. With innovative features such as a drag co-efficient of .19 (25% less than any other production vehicle), Michelin Proxima low rolling resistance & self sealing tires, and 100% recyclable body panels the EV1 is truly the most advanced transportation available.

Within the next few months General Motors will introduce the 1999 EV1. This drastically improved vehicle will offer two new battery options: New nickle-metal hydride batteries will double the range of the vehicle. Drivers should achieve ranges of about 150 miles in a fully charged car. General Motors will also offer a slightly less expensive Panasonic Lead-Acid Batteries. These will increase the usable range of the car to 100 miles. These advances in battery technology coupled with improvements in noise, handling, and creature comforts such as improved heater & air conditioning make the 1999 EV1 a competitive alternative to traditional gas automobiles.

Regular users of the EV1 recognized the "limited" range of 60 to 70 miles only as a problem of perception. Often times, a typical day’s worth of driving falls well below the "limited" range of a fully charged EV1. Friends are asked to perform a simple test – reset your odometer every time you park your car at home. How often do you drive more than 60 miles, once a week, once a month, once a year?

Working in conjunction with local power companies by supplying public charging stations the EV1 range doubles or even triples. By placing charging stations where drivers work, shop, and play an EV1 owner can recharge their car’s power supply while simply running an errand or getting lunch.

After introducing the EV1 to the general public, General Motors has discovered that the EV1 appeals not just to "Green Freaks" and "Gizmo Geeks" but to mainstream drivers as well. The fact that the EV1 has 97% fewer emissions than an ICE (internal combustion engine), has recyclable components, and offers a reduction of pollution producing industries were just added bonuses to an already satisfying car. Performance, sleek styling, comfort and the convenience of at home "refueling" have become the major attractions of owning an EV1.

For more information contact:

EV Odyssey
CE Raum
(310) 890-5255
(310) 395-3325

1506 Tenth Street Suite 210
Santa Monica, CA 90401