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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stands with General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz while refueling the HUMMER H2H. The H2H is not intended for production. (General Motors/Dan MacMedan)

Arnold contacted Electrifying Times on September 27th 2003 prior to the election and asked us to be on his team. We suspect many people have been asked to serve, and we at Electrifying Times were very excited at the opportunity to pull California up by its bootstraps!

"Thank you for taking the time to contact me with your ideas, opinions, and generous offers of assistance. The enthusiastic outpouring of support for my candidacy has been fantastic! With your help, we will soon return California's golden promise by rebuilding our economy, reforming the political system, and providing hope and opportunity for our children's futures. Thank you again for your offer of assistance and advice. A member of my campaign team will be in touch with you in the very near future. Warmest regards, Arnold"

The staff of Electrifying Times and representatives of Arnold Schwarzenegger's transition team attended EVS-20, the annual international electric vehicles symposium, idyllically held November 15 to 19 in Long Beach, simultaneously with the Governor's inauguration on November 17th.

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"The things I've learned in this last month running for office have been spectacular."
—Arnold Schwarzenegger
California Governor

"...the Governor-elect owns two electric cars himself, so he already understands
this technology and realizes that there is a market for it.

—Terry Tamminen, EnvironmentNow & California EPA Secretary,
interviewed on NPR's Living on Earth


Electrifying Times reported on the All-Fuel Hummer converted for the Angel's Nest Retreat by Tai Robinson, president of one of the companies in the bidding war to work on Arnold's official H2 Hydrogen Hummer. GM & Quantum got the final contract. Other companies in the running were UC Riverside & UQM.

"Right now our construction feels like an episode of Monster Garage with parts still arriving and less than a week to finish. With new parts arriving, fuel choices are added to this All Fuel Vehicle."
Tai W. Robinson - President INTERGALACTIC HYDROGEN

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Hybrid Hummers in 1997 at EVS-14 in front of Terminator 3D, Universal Studios, Orlando

Remy C (with Pinky & The Brain T-shirt) & Hybrid Hummer
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Electrifying Times publisher Bruce Meland with Lee Iacocca

Arnold flashes his big smile as he rolls into the BP Fueling Station press conference driving the HUMMER H2H