Greenemotor's Pink Scooter
"La Vie En Rose"


Date: 09-30-2006

Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Office of Governor
States Capital Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

I am a small business owner here in Santa Clara and have been involved with the computer peripheral business for the past 15 years. The recent development of high-oil prices and its negative impact on our economy is hurting my business and all the other small business in this region. The trend is bleak; three dollars a gallon just to get down the road and a brooding outlook that says that we’ll feel the pain of four dollars before we Americans are willing to change our driving habits. Is there a way to soften the pinch? Yes! I think the solution is electric vehicles, because the electric power plants in US use coal (51%), nuclear (20%), renewable i.e. hydroelectric, wind, solar or tidal (9%), natural gas (17%) and oil (3%) to produce electricity. A majority of these fuel (80%) are non-oil based and under our control. Experts say we have enough coal to last another 250 years.

The lion’s share of oil is used for transportation. To reduce “our nation’s addiction to oil” as mentioned in President Bush’s State of the Union address is by using electric powered vehicles. While electric hybrid cars are a hot topic these days, none of the hybrid vehicles are plug-in vehicles (i.e. the electricity used by these vehicles are still generated by its gasoline engine not from a cheap non-petroleum source). I believe there is another easy and readily available solution; scooters that take advantage of cheap electricity and reduce the oil consumption. The solution is using plug-in electric scooters for the short distance/city speed applications.

The electric scooter has been a primary source of transportation in China and Taiwan for over 10 years. However the electric scooter in China is underpowered (600W) and suffers from short traveling range (30 miles). I have spent a year with my partner Dr. Chiang to improve this transportation tool to meet the needs of the US market. We would like to use this new transportation tool to relieve the demand for gasoline. The additional gasoline refining capacity can then be used to produce more diesel and jet fuel. The diesel fuel is used for trucks to deliver our freight and consumables and reduced jet fuel prices will help the economic situation of the airlines, both of which must use oil based fuel whereas cars can more readily be shifted to alternate power systems.

This electric scooter is very environmentally friendly. Since it is powered 100% by electricity, it will bring immediate relief from noxious emissions that are so harmful. It also has many additional benefits including, a silent motor, rides as easily as a bicycle, can travel up to 30+ miles per hour and run 20 to 40 miles between charges. To fully charge this 1600W electric scooter at current electricity costs ($0.08-0.10 per KW-Hour) is a whopping 14 cents. Not to mention the fact that the motor of this electric scooter is maintenance free. Just think of all the discarded motor oil from engines every few thousand miles. There is only a $15 license plate fee for the whole life of the vehicle in the State of California. Plus there will be no tune up, smog test in the future. We also have the capability to convert vehicle, sedan and bus, from gasoline and electric. Why discard those school bus over 5 years just convert to electric bus, not only save the budget from government but also save the pollution and our environmental.

The electric scooter we have created is especially good for the short commutes, moving throughout a university campus or between buildings of large hospitals, companies. It is also good for fixed route traveling like postal delivery, newspaper delivery, and utility meter recoding. Of course you can take it camping, to the beach, supermarket runs, and have fun with your family…. the list goes on and on.

I need your help to work with the local government to create a friendlier environment for electric scooter riders. Things like additional traffic lanes for electric scooters, free parking spaces in downtown and heavy shopping areas would encourage more riders.

In summary, even though this little electric scooter seems insignificant now, it is the first small step toward an oil-free ground transportation system independent of foreign influence, political ineptness, and special interest oil lobbying. With GM and Ford unable to see the future of transportation; it is now up to a few forward thinking American entrepreneurs who have started a cottage industry to promote these clean, green, gasoline free machines. We ask your political help to not stifle this progress. Electric vehicles are the future, and it must happen in our lifetimes!

Thank you

Allen Chen ~ Owner
Green Elec-Motor Inc.