- Green Hummer Towing Joshua Tickell's Veggie Car :: photo Tai Robinson -

The Green Hummer has been featured In the New York Times, the LA Times, and hundreds of other daily newspapers around the world, as well as on newsstands in the UK's Intersection magazine, in the green pages of San Francisco's PLANET° magazine, and on the cover of Ultimate Hummer magazine! It's  been seen on Tech TV and many other TV news shows.

-- Art Courtesy Pritchett Cartoons --

-- Photo Jesse Lepak -- Model Summer Rayne Oakes --


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Tai Robinson & Green Hummer featured in Fall 2004 issue of Ultimate Hummer magazine. Click cover >>>

Arnold took delivery of his own GM-made Hydrogen powered H2 Hummer on October 2nd 2004, at the grand opening of the Los Angeles Airport BP Hydrogen fueling station. Read all about it here!

RST-V test - 1 - at Sterling Heights Michigan facility-GDLS (16 Jul 02)

RST-V test - 2 -tests at Sterling Heights Michigan facility-GDLS (16 Jul 02)

RST-V test video Compilation (MPG - 55 MB)

THE HUMVEE GOES HYBRID: The Diesel-Electric Shadow RST-V

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