A little tid bit from the ev-discussion list:

From: "Damon Crockett" fetsmoke@az.com
To: "ev list" ev@listproc.sjsu.edu
Subject: EV's still draw the eye of the Law...
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 07:33:01 -0800

Hello to all,

Just had another fun EV experience to share. As some of you know, I have my RX-7 with the 12" GE set up as a "controller quick-change artist". I drive every controller I ship as a final test (No other electronic manufacturer has a final test procedure as fun as mine!) Takes 3 minutes to hook up, so I do it.

So I grabbed my technician, and we piled into the Rx. Running 240VDC, with a T-Rex 1200 underhood, a quick blip on the throttle produced instant tire incineration. Good, things seem in order!

Scooting down the driveway, I turn onto a straightway that parallels I-5 for a 1/4 mile. We're about 3X the speed limit (~75mph) in as long as it takes to swallow your adams apple, so must be time to think about shutting it down for that corner coming up. It doesn't stop as quick at 240VDC as 156V, but we make it OK, not even in a 4 wheel drift! I turn around and we head back home. When we are again on the straight stretch, I figure what the heck, smoke show time. We stop, and I put the beast in low gear. Flooring the throttle, the tires vaporize and the motor spins seemingly effortlessly up to the 4500RPM rev limit, so I snick it into second. The tach never sags, just the pitch of the tire frying sounds jump an octave.

This persists for about 2 seconds, until my shotgun riding Tech points out theirs police officer on the side of I-5 watching all this!!! Judging by the rubbernecking, it looks like the sound of tire death got his attention! Imagine that! Now he's got about a 1/4 mile loop to get to where I'm at, and I'm about a 1/4 mile from my shop... So I didn't lift on the throttle. We got home in a blink and slid into the shop, slamming the garage door shut.


Another T-Rex stomps the earth... : )

Damon Crockett
DC Power Systems

Thanks to Bill Dube' for this item.