Zevco and Malcom Brickland's, EVX Inc. announce hot stock deal...


British-Belgium, Millennium Taxi and fuel cell maker, Zevco, and EVX Inc., headed by automotive entrepreneur, Malcom Bricklin, who introduced the Yugo and Subaru to the US market, have formed a stock alliance and claim they will open a pilot plant in NY City in 6 months, to replace internal combustion engines with Zevco fuel cell engines.

They hope to be in full production by the year 2002. So perhaps in the not too distant future the Zevco Fuel Cell London Taxi will also be on the NY streets. In a related matter, Salt Lake City-based, First American Clock Co. issued a letter to its shareholders on Jan. 28th that it made a preliminary deal "to acquire all of the issued and outstanding stock" of EVX, subject to " numerous conditions- including the raising of a minimum of $4 million" and other matters.  For more information contact our web site at: http://www.Zevco.co.uk.

Source: Cal Start News Notes and Fast Fax, Week Ending Feb. 5th 1999