The Jack Johnson Motor

Jack Johnson sent this to Electrifying Times. He claims his electric motor is of a new design, which Jack has just registered at the US patent office Washington DC.

It has on field windings for no residual magnetism, just two armatures that repel and attract for a dual out. Jack put a clockwise and a counter clockwise with the armatures on a fix shaft. They can be increased in diameter for more leverage and increased torque, which Jack says can lead to better acceleration and less electric consumption. That would be good for the hybrid or electric car industry, longer battery life.

At this point in time Jack qualifies for 3 government grant:

- Innovation and invention of up to $75,000.00
- Prototype and development up to $250,000.00
- Business marketing and manufacturing up to $250,000.00

But Jack does not have the business knowledge or background to obtain it. He would like to get this project going, and was thinking of a partnership or some other type of assistance. Help in the grant and business and so on, and even in the research and development. Jack feels this project could turn into a new business, jobs for a lot of people. Or Jack would be willing to sale the idea out right for 15 % of the total grant money.

If you should be interested or someone you know or have any ideas on this please let Jack know.

Jack writes:

"It all started when I was looking for the lost mine Josephine de Martinique. The hike is a hard one. Every time my friend and I went, we would say wish we had a helicopter. I started looking on the net for a helicopter. I found this site

They had gyrocopters. My Dad made one back in 1965 or so. I thought it would be cool to make one. I got started. Then I seen the coaxial configuration thinking of all the little things to cross a helicopter and a gyrocopter and how to power it. I could have used two gas motors but hybrid or electric? No one had done it, so... I had been thinking of a electric motor with a bigger armature for some time. It just did not click how, until I though about using it on the coaxial.

Idea: I needed a motor clockwise and counter clockwise with a big armature for more torque. I needed 40 hp at the blades. I got lift and 300 rpm. I knew that I could gear it down for the rpm and at the same time up the hp. Humm... It just might work? But for how far or how long, and how many batteries and the weight? Thinking about how much less electric it would take to run. Yes, but maybe not a good idea to fly? So now I have a electric motor idea with out field windings that is registered at US patent office.

can I use this on something else, like a car or motorcycle? Yes! Just need to convert the clockwise and counter clockwise to one or the other. No problem. Two pinion gears and one ring gear, and at the same time gear reduction belt drive from the motor to the pinion gears. Also reduction. WOW, how much more power and at so much less electric consumption, now I think that's a good thing. If a car can go 2 or 3 times the distance on the same amount of electric.

How about heat? the EV1 has a water cooled motor. Now that must suck a lot of amps to make that heat. Do you think a bigger armature, more torque and or leverage - less electric - now that's less heat. At the end I think forget the flying, this motor is just too cool, so how about a motorcycle? That's been done! Ya, in the 1/4 mile... but the open road?"

Jack Johnson
P.O. Box 711
Dolan Springs, AZ. 86441
Tel. 928-767-3611