The new K1 and K1.2 electric go-karts from Kango are environmentally friendly, fast, fun, safe and nearly silent. They're a parent's dream...and kid's love'em too!
K1 - the one seater - and K1.2 - a two seater - improve upon the traditional gas-powered go-karts in several ways. First, because they are battery-powered, they are virtually noise-free. Created by a father of twin boys for their enjoyment in a quiet neighborhood, the K1and K1.2 quietly glide along pavement, grass, or just about anywhere. And because it's battery- powered, you don't need an adult to start it! Just the turn of a key and you're off!
The second advantage the K1 and K1.2 have over gas-powered karts is safety. Rather than having a combustible energy source powering it, the Kango karts have clean, renewable, Environmentally Friendly electric batteries - so easy to recharge a kid can do it! After up to two hours of fun, a simple hook up overnight (or a maxumum of 6 hours) will get you ready for more.
Another safety advantage is the speed adjuster in the back. A speed limiter controlled by a special tool allows parents to control how fast the kart will go. As the child matures, the speed can be increased gradually, from 5 to almost 30 miles per hour.
And that leads to the next advantage Kango karts have over gas-powered karts - speed! The K1 and K1.2 are capable of going faster than the average gas-powered kart, so it's safer AND faster!
But what's speed without maneuverability? The K1 and K1.2 are capable of turning the tightest of curves - unlike most gas- powered go-karts that need wide berths to maneuver. And the feature that lends the K1 its most maneuverablility is the reverse button. Designed to work only when pressed and held down to decrease accidental reversing, the reverse button allows the driver to meet an obstacle, reverse and speed on, while the gas- powered kart driver must exit the vehicle, and push the gas-powered kart back, return to the vehicle, and then continue.
These advantages plus other special features - such as adjustable pedals for varying driver sizes, and an ignition disabler to ensure a driver is in the seat before the kart will start -- make the Kango K1 and K1.2 worth much more than the ordinary gas- powered karts. Even so, the Kango K1 and K1.2 actually cost LESS than many gas- powered karts...up to hundreds of dollars less!
K1 and K1.2, the Kango electric go-kart. Safer, faster and believe it or not, less expensive than many gas-powered go-karts. There's no reason NOT to buy one for your favorite kid!
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