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From: "Angus Grieve-Smith" grvsmth@panix.com
Tue Feb 17, 2004

Electric vehicles, fuel cells and all of the "alternative fuel" cars are a great big red herring.

None of these technologies will save any of the 42 thousand people that are killed every year in car crashes, or stop our garbage dumps from being filled with old tires and scrap metal, or preserve open space from suburban sprawl, or right the injustice that reserves certain privileges to those who can afford their own personal vehicles.

Have fun playing with your toys and your fancy hemp fuels while other people actually work to solve the bigger picture of auto dependence.

Angus B. Grieve-Smith
Madison, WI 53708-8284
(Temp Slave documents the unpleasant and bitter experiences of temp workers and the drudgery of the workplace.)

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From : "1sclunn" 1sclunn@msn.com
Tue, 28 Oct 2003

I'm on the ev list and your stuff is always coming up on the list. I'm a (want to be) EV converter in Florida and just want to say how impressed I am with what you're doing . I'm doing mostly low performance 120v 9" motor you know , but when I'm talking to people I can throw out the speed and distance of t-0 (tZero) when I want to impress them , then say "how fast and how far is just a matter of money". Keep up the good work .
Steve Clunn

Thanks Steve, keep up on the rEVolution in California by login on to our Governator pages. RC

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From: Steve Ward bajaaracer@yahoo.com
Thursday, December 26, 2002 
Subject: Allen Caggiano 100 + mpg

Why do you support Allen Caggiano and his 100+ mpg device?? Did you ever test his device? 

We are not supporting - just reporting news. Does Bush go personally to Iraq to find out for sure whether there are weapons of mass destruction there? Bruce Meland editor 

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Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 
Subject: *** Tesla ***

Hi Bruce,

Enjoyed your site, here only a proposition!
In my opinion many people do not know him and yet he is responsible for yes almost 90% of what has to do with electricity yes even the transistor, AC current, light, Hertz, Roentgen, Radio ...etc is NIKOLA TESLA.
I am sure you know him but still would be nice to put a link to this site wish I think is pretty cool.

In the hope you put it on the net or even in your magazine...
best regards

Yours sincerely, 
(Beware on this one... Gery does not warn you that when you click enter, your are loading in a huge Flash file... which without broadband is courageous... there is no hint that your browser is reacting after clicking enter... he should set up a pop-window to let people know they have activated a large Flash file and that loading is in process... Remy C.)
http://www.ibiza-experience.net (Gery, how about an EV report from the party capital of the Universe?)
digital audio & video solutions 

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From: "German Research Project" luftscheiben@hotmail.com

Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 

Hi Remy,

I just got the magazine. Thanks. This is really impressive. After I opened the envelope and went to the computer I returned to get the magazine so it would be in front of me as I wrote this. My wife had picked up the magazine and was looking at it when she found your note. Her reaction: "Do YOU know these GUYS?" as if I could not possible know people who produce such a cool magazine. 

California is a car culture. Let me say as a cultural insider that this magazine makes electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles look good. They have never looked this GOOD before. They may have been eco-friendly and all of that but they did not look cool until now.

Henry Stevens

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From: Leni Goldberg warbucks@attbi.com 
To: Bruce Meland 
Sent: Saturday, November 09, 2002 
Subject: Great Electrifying Times

Hi Bruce:
This is your best issue ever.
Easy to read, great layout.
Best information content.
Leni Goldberg

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From: Rajnish Sharma <rgs1@satyam.net.in>
To: bruce meland <etimes@teleport.com>
Sent: Saturday, November 09, 2002 

Dear ET,

Thanks, I received the mag a few days back. Certainly a new, improved Electrifying Times. It's indeed a collector's item. But I sure was disappointed not to see my name anywhere. Since I don't get paid for my efforts, I should get the pleasure of seeing my name there. And I have been forwarding you reports pretty frequently.
Don't you agree?


Yes it was an error on our part. we will make notice of your efforts on our web site and the next publication... Bruce Meland editor 

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From: rmarksev@comcast.net 
To: etimes@teleport.com 
Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 5:50 AM
Subject: New Subscriber

I read Remy's article in EV World and then went and subscribed. I am an automotive guy and worked for GM during the Impact/EV1 years and got hooked on the future. So after 25 years of service, I left GM because they lacked courage and leadership to do just about anything. I am looking to get back into the EV business. Watch out! Great things are going to happen... I hope!
Richard Marks
1303 Edmundton Dr.
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1026

Hi Rich; thanks for your interest and GM experience story. I think the big 3 just don't want to mess with an all battery vehicle. It takes a tinkerer. With Lithium and Nickel- Zinc coming from China, it could be an EV converter's dream. The Smart EV by e-motion Mobility = Don Panoz, may take over the aborted attempts of the major auto mfgs on EV's. Bruce Meland editor 

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From: Joy Stafford-Evans
To: <etimes@teleport.com>
Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 6:14 AM
Subject: Electrifying Times cover


I think you magazine is a great idea. I just saw an article about it in the EV World email newsletter. I hadn't heard about your magazine while I was doing research on an ecological vehicle, I ended up buying an Insight. I seriously considered an electric, but wanted a car, not a hobby and unfortunately the electrics don't have the dealer/repair support that the Honda and Toyota HEV's have. I had hopes for the Th!nk, but that's gone now.

Please lose the bikini bimbo on the cover. There is no need to alienate half your potential audience. There are plenty of women that care about the environment and want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and even are interested in cars.

Joy S. G. Stafford-Evans
Senior Project Specialist 
Physical Sciences, Inc. 
20 New England Business Center
Andover, MA 01810
978-689-0003 x 8236
fax 978-689-3232

Dear Joy; I tend to agree with you although I think the ratio of male/female that reads this techy stuff is about 80/20; I was out voted to put Julie on the cover; This will be an experiment as to whether Julie will boost sales, which we really need as we spent a bundle to go all slick. This was our first attempt at this marketing ploy. Hopefully it won't offend too many female readers. Bruce Meland editor-publisher

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From: David Hammond-Williams dhw@bluebirdautomotive.com
To: etimes@teleport.com 
Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 9:41 AM
Subject: Greetings from the UK

Dear Bruce Meland ...

I came across you via the article in EV World's latest e-bulletin and thought I would get in touch.

My colleague and I have spent the last three years trying (with some success) to develop a range of electric commercial vehicles capable of 50 miles range @ 50-60 mph and - crucially - capable of round-the-clock operation. Check out www.bluebirdautomotive.com

We began our involvement with EVs through our management of the Bluebird electric land speed record project (Our driver, Don Wales, is the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell).

We have built a prototype (XDV) for a major client in the UK dairy industry. However, there have been concerted attempts to wrest control of the enterprise from us (at least it proves it's a good idea!).

Is this something that interests you? And is there an opportunity here for us to get involved as UK/European correspondents? I am a former newspaper/TV journalist and we are both trained documentary film-makers.

I look forward to hearing from you.
David Hammond-Williams

Hi David; If you have any photos and current story you would like to have us put on our web site www.electrifyingtimes.com for starters, perhaps it would help your agenda. Or other suggestions. Bruce Meland editor/publisher 

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From: Ken Norwick ken.norwick@shaw.ca
To: etimes@teleport.com 
Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 5:39 AM
Subject: EV Link submission, Articles, writer

First of all good luck with your magazine launch. I have several things for your consideration:

My ev conversion website at:
is one of the largest, if not the largest conversion site in the world. I get visitors from between 8-16 time zones per day looking for information. This is a personal (not commercial website) and gives good insights into the motivation of grass-roots EV hobbyists. I spend a lot of time promoting electric vehicles at local environmental expos etc. My Saturn EV has been my daily commuter vehicle for over 18 months now, and has seen use at -38C in a wicked snow storm. I am wondering if this web site might be included in your conversion links list.

May I link to your magazine site and use some of your images as link buttons etc.? (I never do this without first asking)

I have written a series of articles for Daily Grist. They can be read at:

Can I help out by writing articles for your magazine? 

Articles on Ken:

Starting and funding my Internet Company:

Please let me know if I can help your magazine get off the ground.

Ken Norwick - Calgary, Alberta
403.210.1099 Ext 2 Work
403.270.9554 Home

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From: Dave Cutter davecutter@pleiades-enterprises.com
To: Remy Chevalier 
Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 11:00 AM
Subject: Great Article at EV World

Dear Remy Chevalier,

I have just read your excellent article posted at EVWorld and wanted to send a quick word of admiration for a very well written piece. It alerted me to want to visit the ET site and order my subscription, (something which I thought I'd done once already, but nevermind). 

Like you (and Mr. Meland), I share your enthusiasm for publicizing info about EV's in general, and additionally, about Alternative Energy. The world is waking up to some of the ways of how we can alter our energy requirements & usage, both as consumers and early adopters of amazing new technology in the NuEnergy field.

As you know, Pleiades-Enterprises is working closely with NuPow'r LLC and NuAge Electric INC. There are some exciting developments in the making at the moment, and my company's job will be to provide reports and investment information regarding Chaz Haba Power Systems, NuAge Electric shares investing (NASDAQ), and news about other developments in the exciting field of NuEnergy. We've Seen the Future . . . and It's Electric! 

You might want to visit our homepage - www.pleiades-enterprises.bigstep.com - to view a recent video link to Lee Iacocca's endorsement of the California Energy Commission. (From this same area you can start a subscription to our FREE monthly NuEnergy Newsletter.)

I intend to call Bruce Meland to discuss our interest in placing an advertisement soon.

Best wishes and kind regards, 

David Cutter
T. (760) 729-8075
F. (240) 337-8567

Keep'em Comin' Remy C. ET web-ed!

Our sincerest thanks to: