Lifter Technology

This photo displays the corona given off
by the Lifter during a tethered test.

American Antigravity is currently conducting experiments with Electrokinetic propulsion, and is in the process of developing a practical source of Electrokinetic propulsion for possible use as a vehicular propulsion source. Our experiments are conducted using modified Biefeld-Brown effect transducers, which convert high-voltage electrical current into motive force.

Their experimentation has currently progressed to the point of being able to levitate a tethered Lifter for an indefinite period of time while carrying a gross payload of 3.0 grams (including the weight of the Lifter). While this is a very small payload at the moment, it demonstrates a propulsive efficiency orders of magnitude higher than alternative Electrokinetic technologies.

Click here to read Tim Ventura's in-depth overview of lifter technology. (PDF File)
Click here for a short Real Player video of the Lifter in flight. (1330K)

A note by Tim Ventura
Tim Ventura is the primary contact for American Antigravity.
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Kirkland, WA 98034
Phone: 425-820-5675
Cell: 206-953-7994

Lifter technology is based on the Biefeld-Brown effect, which has been around for nearly 50 years. The concept behind this technology isn't new, but the research that has been accomplished in the last few months is revolutionary in its nature and scope.

I receive emails very often from people asking me how they can help. They feel the same way that I do about this technology -- they think that it is tremendously important, and can help us to create a better world through more advanced technology.

One of the reasons that I have achieved so much in terms of publicizing this technology and building prototypes is that I have dedicated all of my time to it. I'm not superhuman, and things like parts and hosting fees cost real dollars -- dollars that are hard to come by. I have a wife, a car payment, and a mortgage in Redmond -- and at the moment this is my full-time job.

Right now, this project is all that I have.

A lot of websites like to set aside a section for members only, but that goes against the entire goal of this technology and the Lifter project in general. My dream is not to get rich by parceling out information on the Lifter -- this project is so important to me that withholding information about the research to make money would be morally and ethically reprehensible.

I don't have a lot to sell. The Lifters are hard to build, and tend to break. The only real product that I can sell is information, which in this day and age is cheap.

I'm currently selling CD-Rom's on ebay, which you may have looked at online once or twice. I'm charging $30 each for them. They consist of an entire copy of Lifter section of my hard-drive, containing all of the research that I've conducted, as well as information from other people that I've collected.

If you'd like to buy a CD-Rom, please send $30 to the address shown in the upper right corner of the screen.

You can help a lot by telling a few people about the website -- the more visitors we get, the more people there are who know about this revolutionary technology and how it can help the world.

If you have any other ideas about how to help, please email me at

I have an excellent resume, and I have applied for over 500 jobs in the Seattle area, but nobody is hiring -- or at least, nobody is hiring me. The reason for that isn't because of anything about me -- it is because I am competing with 800 former coworkers who got laid off from AT&T Wireless when they shut my division down, as well as 10,000+ dot-com and tech industry employees who are currently out of work in the area.

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