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A Day in Lime Rock :: No EVs, but sun shining bright!

Sunday July 11th, 2004

No EVs or HEVs, but track events are co-sponsored, among others, by
Michelin, Chrysler & Mohegan Sun, so there's potential for the future.

The Michelin Challenge could easily find its way to Lime Rock. We learned
the Housatonic High School has an electric car program.

Chrysler, who is already sponsoring the Lime Rock pace car this year, could also easily donate a few GEMs to replace the dozen or so beaten-up
gas-powered golf car rentals serving the track.

The Mohegan Tribal Environmental Protection Department should insist on
recycling at all the concession stands, not just the VIP Chalet.

It was my first trip to Lime Rock. All that Bob Sharp/Paul Newman publicity over the years never really budged my interest. But the sudden lure of seeing so many Ferraris and Maseratis in one spot made it the perfect

Now that I've experienced how beautiful the track is, nestled in this
picture perfect valley, with mountains and trees all around, I can
understand what the attraction has been for everyone.

In passing, our formal media request a few days prior had been
unceremoniously denied, a real contrast to the easy going, low key
atmosphere we experienced all afternoon. Maybe the track needs a new media rep to reflect the warm and friendly faces of all the people we met

"I'm sorry, but I can't grant your request. I'm only allowed to give
credentials to media members who are on assignment for a news gathering
organization. You publication does not cover motorsports, which is the basis for granting credentials to public events. We grant credentials to media who are going to write about or photograph the event. The other basic tenet of our credential policy is that I need to get a signed request on letterhead
stating that you are on assignment and need to be at the event to write or
take photos for whoever is requesting the credential for you. I do not
accept e-mail requests. Third, our credential deadline for this event was
June 25, so your request is 13 days late."
-Roy Hasty, Public Relations Manager

Charming dude, nice to meet you to! Chill, OK, hope you feel better soon! :)

Remy C.
ET webed

PS Oh, and for you guys curious about that Stop The Plant road sign, click

Terrific, and very beautiful, documentary which aired nationally on television in 2003. It really gives you a feel for the spirit of the track.

Filmmaker Chris Szwedo is a big EV fan.
He had a wonderful idea: because of a noise agreement with the church next door, there hasn't been racing on Sundays at Lime Rock for over 40 years. EV racing is quiet as a mouse... so you never know what the future may bring.