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Alien Scooters:

Alternative Fueled Vehicle System Program Office US Air Force EV program:

Alternative Science:


American Green Network:

Art Cars In Cyberspace:
Atlantis Energy PV Roof Slates:

ATT R&D (Korea):
Auto China:
Auto & Design:
AZ Industries:
Badsey Electric Boats:
Bakken Museum of Electricity in Life:
Ballard Power Systems:
BAT International:
Battery Council International:
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Battery User Group:
Bill Dube's Killa Cycle:
Bill Moore's EV World:
Bill Morrison's website:
BlackLight Power:
Black River Boats:

Bluebird Automotive Group Ltd: 

Blue Sky Scooters: 
Bombardier NEV:
Bob Cat Electric Boats:
Borderland Sciences:
Brian O'Leary's Miracle In The Void:
Budget EV Rental:
Budsin Woodcraft:
California Air Resources Board:

California Cars Initiative:

California Hydrogen Business Council:
Calstart's Advanced Transportation Website:
Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.:
Car Busters:
Car Connection:
Car Culture Catalog:

Centre for Alternative Technology:

Clean Car Pledge:
Clean Fuels and Electric Vehicles Report:
Cloud Electric:
Cobalt Marine Electric Boats:
Corbin Motors:

Currie Technologies:
Darryl McMahon's electric boat page:

Don Lancaster's Hydrogen Library:

Lee Iacocca E-Bikes:

EcoVehicle Enterprises, Inc.:

eGo Vehicles:

Electric Louie: 

Electric Vehicle Today: 

Electric Scooter Magazine: 


EVNews: (new site) (old site)
EV Select- Electric Vehicle Online Store:

Electric Motor News: (Italy)

Electric Motorsport:

Electric Scooters: (San Diego)

Electric Scooter & Bicycle Magazine:

Electric Transportation Solutions:

Electric Vehicles Northwest: 

Electric Vehicle Progress:

EV Club of the South:

Freakin Sports: 

Fry Guys:

FST, Inc.:

Fuel Cells 2000:

Future Energies:

Fuel Cell Markets:

Fuel Cell Review: (Institute of Physics)

Fuel Cell Today:

Fuel Cell Industry Report:

Galaxy Internet directory:

Global Electric MotorCars: 

German Research Project:

Gorilla Vehicles: 

Green Car Journal: 

Green Hybrid:

Green Motorsport:


H2 Nation:


Dr Peter Harrop's Market Research:


Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Investor:

Inco Special Products: http://www.incosp/com/battery/battery_products.htm
Innovative Transportation Technologies:

Intergalactic Hydrogen:
Internet Electric Vehicle List:
International Automotive Media Conference:
International Fuel Cells:
Jade Mountain:
Jim Kerr's Electric Boat pages:>
John Brian's Electric Drag Racing Videos:

Jou Jou:
Kango EV Go-Karts:

Ken Norwick's Saturn Conversion Diary:

Kool Karz USA: (Formerly HeartlandEV)

KTA Services Inc.:

Largo Scooters:

Lithium Power Technologies:
Lynch Motors:

Malibu EV Rally:
Manzanita Micro:
Metallic Power:
Mid-America Electric Auto Association:
Midnight Engineering and Robotics Digest:
Mike Chancey's EV Pages:

Modular Energy Devices:
Moller Skycar:
Motor Development International:

Moteur Nature:
MW Line:
National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA):
National Station Car Association:
NetGain Technologies: http://
New Earth News:
New Energy News Web Site:
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North East Sustainable Energy Association:
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Oasis TV:
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Columbia ParCar:
PEI Electronics Inc.:

Pender Harbour Electric Launch Company Ltd.:
Personal Electric Transports: 

Phoenix Chapter Electric Auto Association:

Phoenix Motorcars:

Phoenix Rising, L.L.C.:

Photon International Magazine: 
Pikes Peak International Hill Climb:
Planet Ark:

Prestolite Electric:

Pukka Electric MiniBike:

Ray Electric Outboards:
Real Goods Mail Order Catalog Company:
ReNew magazine:

Rocky Mountain Institute Hypercar Project:
Ruban Bleu Electric Boats:
San Diego Gas & Electric EV Charging Stations:


Scooters India Unlimited:


Sion Power:
Society of Automotive Engineers:,
"Sol" Brothers:
Solar Sailor:
Solstice (EV List Host):
Speed Indoor EV Karting:
Stan Gibilisco's books on electricity and electronics:

Texaco Ovonic Battery System:

Thane Gilliam's Island Fun: 
The Lakes Marina Company:
The New Physics:
The Th!nk:

Tiger Trucks:
Tokyo Auto Salon 99:
Top Gear magazine:
Toprun Electric Vehicle:
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TVS Motor Company:
Trace Engineering:


Union of Concerned Scientists:
Unique Mobility:
Urban Racer:

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Veggie Van:

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Virtual Theater:

Voloci Electric Motorbike: 

Welcome to EDS Student Engineering Activities:
Whole Earth Review:
Wilde Evolutions,Inc.:

Wilderness Energy:
World Karting Magazine:

Zap World:
Zero Emissions Research Initiative:

Zilla Motor Controller: