World's 1st mass production lith-polymer battery system
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EVLN(World's 1st mass production lith-polymer battery system)
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World's first lithium-polymer battery production system developed
12/02/1999 The Korea Herald Copyright (C) 1999; Source: World Reporter
(TM) - Asia Intelligence Wire
By Choe Seung-chul Staff reporter Finecell Co., a next-generation
battery developer, announced yesterday that it has developed the
world's first mass production system for rechargeable lithium-polymer
batteries.  The venture company said that it has also developed
"polymer electrolyte," a core component of the state-of-the-art
battery, without any technical assistance from foreign firms.
It marks the first time in the world's battery-manufacturing industry
that a batch system was developed for mass production of the most
advanced type of rechargeable battery, which was first developed in
1994 by Bellcore, a U.S. battery maker.
Nicknamed "dream battery," the lithium-polymer battery can be produced
in different types, even in thin-film form, promising to emerge as the
No. 1 battery to replace the current lithium ion, or Li-ion, battery.
"We plan to start mass production of the Li-polymer battery in the
second half of next year," a Finecell official told The Korea Herald.
The technical success by the Korean developer came as the world's
leading battery developers are caught up in a fierce battle to
commercialize the lithium-polymer battery, he said.
"Several leading battery firms, including Sony Electronics, Panasonic
Industrial, Valence Technology and Lithium Technology, have licensed
Bellcore's plastic lithium-ion technology, but they have had
difficulty in mass-producing products," he said.
Thanks to the development, a Finecell spokesman said, many Korean
battery makers will no longer have to pay huge amounts of money to
foreign companies in return for the transfer of advanced battery
He said that the development is expected to save the country up to 400
billion won on a yearly basis.
Finecell, established by Dr. Jang Dong-hoon and his colleagues at
Seoul National University's Lab of Electrochemistry in early 1998,
plans to capture 1.5 percent of the world's lithium battery market for
mobile phones by 2001.
Finecell also plans to increase the share up to 15 percent by 2005
through production expansion and technology transfers.
Currently, Japan virtually monopolizes the world's lithium ion battery
market with around 98 percent share.
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