Lutec 1000 Update

Letters on Saturday March 9, 2002 had a lot to say about our invention the Lutec 1000 motor/generator offending some of the laws of physics. The fact is it certainly does not, and yet it is able to produce more electrical power output than the electrical power input it consumes. That is exactly the reason why it has a value to us, to the people, to the environment, and ultimately to the planet. 

We have never said that we dispute existing laws of physics or are using "special rules of physics" that is laughable. Other people, with their own and corporate interests and agenda's, claim wrongly that we have said so, and this has been picked up and repeated by others who are equally ignorant of just how the Lutec 1000 works.

For the sake of simplicity lets explain how it works this way. It is impossible to get more out than you put in, IF, the only thing responsible for causing the output is the input. However, if the input, in our case electrical, is merely causing the release of the main motivating force, in our case natural magnetic forces, then the main cause of the motors movement is magnetic force which has been assisted partially by the electrical input. 

The only energy supplied to the Lutec 1000 from an external source is the electrical input trigger pulse. The magnetic force is already present waiting to be directed and so can not be taken into account when calculating input. The result is that when we allow the magnetic force to cause the motor rotor to turn, it turns much further than the amount of input electricity alone would have allowed. Obviously something has done the work. It is certainly not the input electricity, which has been consumed in providing energy to the switching mechanism which allows the magnetic forces to be applied.

The fact that the Lutec 1000 produces outputs far in excess of the amount of electrical input power consumed, can only be attributed to forces other than the electrical input, otherwise we would be offending the law of conservation of energy and that would be impossible.

The next point in dispute is our not allowing the public demonstration of the Lutec 1000. We are in fact planning exactly that event, and have been planning it for some six months. We don't have to, we wont be forced to, but we want to for the sake of all the hundreds of ordinary interested local people, who have supported us with their letters and phone calls over the past year in particular. 

Wrongly timing such a display could possibly create interference with commercial international dealings relative to our technology, so we will only do so when we are ready. 

We challenge any individual to come forward, outside of our friends and family who has put one cent into our project. There is no one. Stop writing or repeating this rubbish about us, it isn't true and you should stop or face the consequences.

Perpetual motion is impossible. The Lutec 1000 will last as long as the batteries can hold a charge, then it will stop. Change the batteries every ten years or so and it will keep going. That is not perpetuity. Perpetual means forever. The very idea offends the third law of thermodynamics which tells us that everything is in a state of entropy, (winding down) even our patience with those who write publicly in ignorance of the facts. 

The first three prototype Lutec motors were built in our spare time over a five year period, out of pre- used parts, acquired from the then two Cairns rubbish tips. No fortunes required there. The Skeptics one hundred thousand dollar challenge. For over fourteen months we attempted to get them to arrange for the challenge, but at that time they didn't have the money because their financial backers had pulled out. For anyone to say we didn't accept their challenge is wrong, they simply couldn't get their act together. 

They claim to have "investigated" and subsequently published a so called scientific report about our machine. This is much closer to science fiction than to reality. They have never seen the Lutec1000 running and in the "report" they even say they doubt it exists. How is it we don't even know what they look like. Maybe they came in the dark in a flying saucer or while we were away, could it be they have the mysterious key they are making such a fuss about.

Regarding our demonstrations in "special buildings" owned by us. We have demonstrated the Lutec 1000 to groups of scientists and business people from many countries, including the USA, China, South Korea, Singapore, Europe and Russia. Sadly, very few from Australia. Almost all of those demonstrations have taken place in laboratory/class rooms hired from the Cairns College of TAFE Faculty of Technology. We don't own that. 

Independent scientific evaluation has been conducted by five well regarded professors of electrical engineering. Two of these are particularly highly regarded and internationally published experts. They were sought out by US business people to validate our calculations and methods of conducting our input measurements . The US people were seeking to do their own independent due diligence into our invention, with a view to commercializing it in the US Canada and Mexico. Following a long process of confidential negotiations, this is now in the final stages of documentation and is expected to be implemented within the next twelve months or so. 

We expect that this explanation should clear the air and hopefully allow us to get back to the task of completing our pre production prototype in peace.

John Christie and Lou Brits.
Cairns. 11/03/02

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