Maxwell & The Last of the EV1s

Maxwell Technologies
has supplied
Brigham Young University
with ultracapacitors
for their EV1
drag racing car conversion.

Maxwell exhibited at 
at EVS-20 and had the
BYU EV1 at the booth.

They are contacted from time
to time by other educational
institutions with some
personal requests for
info on using BOOSTCAP
products in similar

BYU has one of the
very few EV1s left.
It's unfortunate that GM
made the decision
to scrap all EV1s.
Read here how BYU
convinced GM to let
them keep theirs.

To the best of Maxwell's
knowledge, all these
applications are for
official, legal drag racing
purposes and Maxwell 
Technologies does not
endorse or encourage
any form of illegal street


Jon Crowe
Maxwell Technologies Inc.

Bobby Maher
Director of Technical Sales

Adrian Schneuwly
Business Unit Manager
in Switzerland
+41 (0) 26 411 85 00

Media Contact:
Michael Sund

Maxwell Technologies, Inc.
9244 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123 USA
(858) 503-5171


Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah 84602
(801) 378-4636

Article scan courtesy of ShowTimes,
the official magazine of EVS-20.