Me and My E.V. located in the O.C. Newport Beach, California has had extraordinary articles published. Articles ranging from “Top 20 Hot Spots To Be in the O.C. 2003” to Television reports on local, cable and network stations.


- Patio Chair Drill Team :: Balboa Island Parade 2004 -

Me and My EV participates in nearly every charity that sends in a formal request. Including Parades, Coastal Commission Clean Up Day, Schools and Environmental Groups. Me and My EV is doing its part to spread the word and educate on the importance of helping to clean up our environment.


Rumor has it that Me and My EV has a lot of star-studded Hollywood celebrity customers, but chose to stay mum on all the spicy details, despite numerous attempts by Electrifying Times to coax them into giving us a good anecdote or two.

Nevertheless, we can safely reveal that Arnold and the Boss have been regulars. No photographic evidence though, sadly... Once again, movie stars and famous models love to have their loving public think of them as being green upstanding citizens, but shy away from lending their image to any one particular product unless that product pays for the privilege.

That's show biz!

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