Automotive Recycling Messages Reaching Consumers
According to the Steel Recycling Institute
More People Recognize Automobile as
Most Recycled Product

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 1 -/E-Wire/-- The automobile remains at the top of the lit of recycled consumer products with the average recycling rate being close to 98 percent for more than ten years. A recent survey indicated that more and more North Americans are beginning to understand that the number one recycled product in commerce today is the automobile.

"For years, research has indicated that people mistakenly perceived aluminum beverage cans and newspapers as being the most recycled consumer products," explained Bill Heenan, president of the Steel Recycling Institute, "It appears as though the automobile is finally getting its due."

Steel is the engine that drives automotive recycling. Most cars reaching the end of their useful lives comprise approximately two-thirds steel and iron, with virtually 100 percent being recycled back into new iron and steel products.

The recent study, conducted by the Steel Recycling Institute, indicated that approximately one out of five consumers now recognize the automobile as North America's most recycled product, almost doubling from a previous survey in 1997.

Additionally, more people are beginning to understand that what they may have once called a "junkyard" is really part of the automobile recycling and remanufacturing process and one of the "Original Recyclers" in North America.

In 1998, more than 13.2 million tons of steel were recycled from automobiles. That's enough steel to build more than 12.1 million new, standard-size family vehicles. Much of the recovered steel is recycled into high strength steel sheet, the fastest growing light-weight material in the automotive industry. SRI's website, features more detailed information about the recycling of automobiles and all steel products.

The Steel Recycling Institute, a business unit of the American Iron & Steel Institute, educates the solid waste management industry, government, business and ultimately the consumer about the economic and environmental benefits of recycling steel. Through its seven regional offices, SRI works to ensure the continuing development of the steel recycling infrastructure.

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