The Daimler-Zenz Fuel Cell Car

With the NECAR 3, the world's first fuel cell vehicle, in a new A-Class Mercedes chasis, with on-board hydrogen generation, Daimler-Benz has ushered in the dawn of a new era in automotive technology. The new vehicle can travel over 400 kilometers on 38 liters of methanol, a fuel that is easy to dispense and eliminates the need for large hydrogen tanks. At the same time NECAR 3 offers all the benefits of a quiet, virtually pollution-free drive system that exhibits both high efficiency and good driving dynamics.

The smallest and technologically most advanced automobile currently produced by Mercedes-Benz winds its way nimbly through the rush hour traffic in downtown stuttgart. Bearing the inscription NECAR 3, the A-class vehicle is carrying a special piece of equipment on board: a fuel cell system with its own gas generator. It's a revolutionary concept, marking an important milestone on the road to producing an automobile capable of meeting next century's requirements.
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