Jeri Unser at Pikes Peak

"The Lady is Champ"
"Not Bad for Less than $1 Worth of Electricity"

By Bill Dube'
(all pix except otherwise credited)

The electrics are now giving the gas-guzzlers a run for their money in the
Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Jeri Unser broke the record for an
electric-powered vehicle set last year by Tim Eckert in the ER2. Compact
Power - - and LG Chem teamed up with Sanborn Racing - - this year to produce the ER3.

The lighter body, lighter driver, improved aerodynamics, and some mechanical improvements in the ER3 made a big difference. Jeri's time of 14:33.120 trimmed nearly half a minute off the previous record on a very slippery track. The course was so slippery that Jeri nearly lost it at Heitman Hill and was forced to back up the car to get it back on the road!

Pix: David Stensland

The ER3 ran the course faster than many of the fuel-powered cars. Some of the competitors engines simply quit working the sparse air at 14,000 feet near the finish line. Since the ER3 uses Compact Power (LG Chem) Li-Ion batteries for power, it was completely unaffected by the altitude, a major advantage in this race.

Since the ER3 is nearly silent, the crew put a sound system on the car to
produce an engine-like noise to make sure that spectators lining the course would be aware that the ER3 was coming down the track. This sound system was programmed to make a buzz or whine that was proportional to the speed of the car. It seemed to fool everyone as most people at the track were very surprised when I revealed that the sound was artificial. This was a big improvement over the annoying siren used on the ER2.

Some time ago, I had suggested that they install baseball cards to slap against the wheel spokes, but they opted for the electronic equivalent. It is worth noting that the sound the electronic system made was a very good reproduction of the baseball card method. :^)

Bill Dube'
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Jeri Unser


Here is a photo from Wednesday June 24th 2003: practice day #2.
All is well with the car and with Jeri Unser.

The ER3 - pix: Chris Groesbeck

Times on the top half of the mountain today were:
8:57 - 8:07 - 7:52 - 7:48

This puts us on track to beat our record last year!

Jeri Unser is a third generation race from one of the most prominent families in the world of motor sports. In '98 she was the first female Unser to compete in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC). Jeri is the twelfth Unser to race Pike's Peak. She finished 6th in the Mini Sprint Division and was the 1998 PPIHC "Rookie of the Year". Jeri Unser is an exciting driver with a burying desire to win. An Albuquerque native and the youngest of four children, Jeri developed an edge for competition and a love of racing. She gets her good looks from her mother Norma, and her blood and "jeans" from her father Bobby Unser, a 3 time Indy 500 winner and 13 times PPIHC winner. Jeri also has a great love for Pike's Peak and is very thankful to her family for instilling that love in her. She grew up watching many family members challenge the mountain. Jeri is carrying on the tradition of racing the PPIHC and fulfilling her desires.

Racing Successes:
May 1999, One Lap of America, 3rd in Luxury Division
July 1998, PPIHC 1998 Rookie of the Year, 6th Place in the Mini-Spring Division.
Three 1st Place Finished out of 5 Go-Kart Races in 98

Special Training:
Lyn St. James Driver Development
Russell Racing School
Mom Bondurant High Performance Driving
BMW Club of Canada School of High Performance Driving
Computer training in CADAM, CATIA, CGS through Cadillac & Modern Engineering

Racing Goals
Win the PPIHC "Race to the Clouds", and be the 1st Lady Unser to Win Indy.

CPI electric Racer
Build and Design Tim Eckert
Battery Pack 12kWh (LG Chem Lithium-ion Polymer)
Controller IGBT inverter
Motor 165 kW AC induction
Drive Line Single Speed Gear Box
Braking Regeneration plus friction
Body Carbon Kevlar
Chassis Sport 2000
Suspension Coil over Shock
Wheels 13 inches (330mm)
Wheelbase 96 inches (2438 mm)
Track 97 inches ( 1702 mm)
Curb weight 1150 pounds (522 kg)
Top Speed 125 mph
Charging time 30 min

Best Regards,

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Pix: David Stensland