Preview 2004... Hot OFF the Press!!!

Table of Contents
Contents list and page numbers of the green alternative and fuel efficient vehicles featured in Preview 2004, with full color glossy photographs, including all their specifications and company contact information, as well as when they are expected to hit the market around the world.

3 Toyota Prius | Sierra Club Award
4 DeLorean TEV | Carl Tilley raises the bar
5 Chevy S10 Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) | H2Oh my what a truck
6 Honda Civic Sedan Hybrid | Family sized sedan available today
7 Ford Escape HEV | First Ever
7 Toyota Estima Hybrid | Ingenious 4 wheel drive van starts strong in Japan
10 Suzuki Covie Concept Car | Changes the whole meaning of tele-commuting
10 Toyota FCHV-4 Fuel Cell Hybrid SUV | A 5 seat wonder in Tokyo 2003
11 Chrysler Natrium Fuel Cell Van | T & C exterior with a heart of Borax?
11 Chrysler EPIC Electric Delivery Van | The men in brown just turned green 
11 BMW 750hL Hydrogen/Fuel Sedan | 10 BMW’s can’t be wrong
12 GM Autonomy Fuel Cell Concept Car | A car Batman could be jealous of
12 ZEbus Fuel Cell Bus | Next stop, fuel cell refueling station please
13 Smart EV electric commuter car | Georgia about to get cleaner
15 Hyundai Santa Fe Fuel Cell SUV | I left my heart in Santa Fe
16 Dennis Weaver | Promotes Hydrogen power
18 Renault Kangoo Hybrid Electric Van | This is one hopping mini-van
19 Lexus 2054 EV | “Minority Report” dream car brought to life
22 Yugo EV | We go!
23 Reva | India’s low cost electric alternative 
23 Betti Electric Motorcycles | Motorcycle racing electric style
24 Toyota POD | How does your POD feel?
25 Honda FCX-V4 FCV | Coming in 2003
25 Toyota RAV4 EV | Toyota launches electric version of compact SUV
27 Nissan Xterra FCV | Fuel cell version of rugged SUV begins testing
27 Tango | Stealth in traffic
29 KAZ EV Limo | A concept limo that aims for the stars
30 GM’s Parallel Hybrid Truck | A 285 HP portable generator
30 SDSU Enigma Hybrid | San Diego SU students build exotic hot-rod
31 GEM NEV’s | The U.S. Navy finds electric cart “best” alternative
32 NECAR 5 | Fuel cell engine that could
34 Allison Electric Drive | Heavy duty transmissions for heavy duty loads
34 Vikram EV | Even presidents love electric commuters
35 Lido NEV | Iococca’s vision
36 Honda Dual Note | High performance sports car

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Photo montage courtesy of Michelin Media Center

The Super Car KAZ EV Limousine, Suzuki's Covie EV, The Segway, India's Super Popular Reva, Takara's over grown toy Q-Car Modern Times EVs, Tom Cruise's Lexus Concept EV, featured in the movie "Minority Report", The Clinton admired Vikram, The L3 Hybrid, The Tango, Toyota's successful Prius, Toyota's RAV-4 EV, Toyota's Matrix Hybrid, Toyota Estima Hybrid, Toyota's E-com, Toyota's Fuel Cell FCHEV, Honda's Civic Hybrid, Honda's FCXV4 FCV, BMW's 750HL V12 Hydrogen, Amory Lovins's Hypercar, Daimler Chrysler's Smart EV, Daimler Chrysler's Natrium FCV, DaimlerChrysler's NECAR 5 FCV, Dodge Durango Hybrid, GEM's NEV, Nissan's XTera FCV, Nissan's Tino Hybrid, Hyundai's SantaFe FCV, Ford's ICE Hydrogen, Ford's Focus FCV, Ford's Th!nk City, Ford's Th!nk Neighbor, Ford's Escape Hybrid, Mitsubshi's SUW Hybrid, Fiat's Multipla Hybrid, GM's Opel Zafira FCV, GM's S10 FCV, GM's Allison Drive Bus, Ballard's FCV Bus, Solectria's Voltage EV, Lido's Motors NEV, ThunderVolt 801-H Class 8 Hybrid, Eldrado's Lowrider FCV Bus, ThunderVolt's TB40-H Hybrid Electric Bus, ECycle's Hybrid Motorcycle, Plus Electric Bikes, Scooters, the eXkate electric skate board and many, many more...