Contact: Bruce Meland

Electrifying Times has recently published a 56 page special issue, Preview
2002, which includes articles and specifications on 13 new hybrid vehicles
by major worldwide automakers. These new models could be available to
consumers by 2002-2003.

Included in the future hybrid category are the Mitsubishi SUW, Nissan Tino,
Ford Escape,  Honda Civic,  Honda Spocket,  Dodge Durango,  GM Silverado PU,
Will VI, Volvo 18- wheeler.

Included in the Fuel Cell vehicle category are the Opel Zafira, Ford Focus,
Georgetown Fuel Cell Bus, and 1200 mile/tank hydrogen powered scooter.

Future electric vehicles include the Smart EV, Toyota e-com, Ford Think
City, Ford Electric Postal Van.

Featured stories include the 200 mpg Hybrids and Artic Quest, the journal of
Jeff Barrie's bicycle tour across the US, escorted by a Alex Tapia in a
Toyota Prius to protest oil drilling in the National Artic Wildlife Refuge,
plus many others.

Preview 2002 is currently available on selected newsstands. Look for the
Daimler-Chrysler SMART Electric on the cover.

To order directly send $5.95 + $1.75 postage to:

Electrifying Times
63600 Deschutes Market Rd.
Bend, OR 97701