Dear Remy:

Thank you for forwarding that posting. I like the idea of making real sized electric automobiles our highest priority.

However,  I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but most of the guys building full-size electric cars and even those building full size electric race and drag cars are NOT modifying the motors, controllers, wires etc to the level that model racers are doing!

Many have laughed at me for saying this.  You go down and pick up a world champion level model racing magazine and read about how they modify those little motors, changout the commutators, windings, etc and you don't see it in the full size NEDRA electric cars!

It is odd, I was just speaking to some potential NEDRA competitors just two weeks ago, and they were starting to laugh at me for bringing world class model car racing magazines to the meeting,.... until I showed them what the model racers were doing to their motors.

Big full-size motors are so expensive that most frugally minded electric racers are afraid to touch them for fear of causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.   Model racers are cheap enough (though surprisingly expensive) that they can wreck a few motors until they get it right!

When I spoke to the unnamed potential NEDRA competitors, they had come from the world of Nitrous/Gasoline racers where they spend tens of thousands on gas Engine re-building after blowing up motors after each race. These racers were amazed that no one was doing "serious mods" on the DC series wound motors for racing, at the expense levels that they saw for gasoline racers.  I am presently trying to turn them on.

So lets not knock the model electric car guys. I would rather knock the dangerous and unsafe insect looking (impractical until everyone gets out of their SUV's and high mass trucks!) super light bicycle wheeled neighborhood electric vehicles than I would the world class model electric car racer!

Best Regards,

Marshall Houston
Portland, Oregon

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Date:  12/26/99 3:22:36 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Remy C)
CC: (Jay Baldwin), (Bruce Meland), (Marshall Houston), (Bill Dube'), (Shirley D McCart)

Dear Cory,

I think this or may not be a mass mailing that you have done to a list of electric car magazines, the toy kind. Are you REALLY an avid reader of our magazine? Because if you were, and if indeed this isn't just a form letter, then you should know that Electrifying Times is about "real" cars, the kind people sit in and go places with.

Don't get me wrong, I love slot cars. I love the fact that if automakers scaled up what toy slot car makers were building, we'd probably have much better electric cars on US roadways!!! I've tried to get fans of slot cars racing in the past to write us an article about the connection that exists between your hobby and the "electric vehicle" industry. I even have the offices for Radio Control Car Action magazine up the street in the next town from where I live. But they have never responded to the sample issues of our magazine I sent them or returned my phone calls. I guess THEY don't see a connection and they don't care.

You sent me this email, so although I'm certain it was a mistake on the part of your marketing department who confused us with a title on "toy electric cars", perhaps this "accident" can be for a reason, and you might consider what I just wrote you as an open invitation to contribute an article to our magazine, if you can put slot car racing in context with the attempts made by automakers to bring life size electric vehicles to US highways.

I'm Ccying this to our publisher, and other people on our staff who I'm sure will find it amusing.


Remy C.

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Subject: Model Car Racing
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 00:43:26 -0500

Mr. Chevalier,
Do you remember slot cars?  I am a avid reader of your magazine and I am also the owner of  and a board member for the TOA.  The TOA is an organization that is for the promotion of model car
racing world wide.  Our company has also recently consulted on a touring slot car track for Fox TV, Toys R Us, and Hasbro for the promotion of their new cartoon Nascar Racers.

I am writing because I feel that the other readers of your magazine may be interested to know that the hobby of slot car racing is still around.  This might be a great story for your magazine.  Slot car racing has made a tremendous comeback in recent years.  The scale of slot car racing that is making a comeback in the 1/32 scale.  This scale of slot cars is primarily raced in people homes and offers car that are very scale looking. The 1/32 cars are very scale looking and they offer great replicas of current and past race cars such as the Panoz, Venturi, and the Porsche.  You can see examples of the cars in our online store at

I invite you to take a look at the present state of slot car racing. This might be a great article for your magazine since many of your readers have participated in this hobby in the past and may still be interested in it. Please feel free to let me know if there are any questions that I can help you with or if you would like more information for your magazine.  You can contact me at the address below.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a great holiday.

Cory J. Spino