Cycle Car

These come in one seater, two seater, and four seater.

I discovered their little ad in the back of Mother Jones magazine, in the classifieds section. Their website does NOT post their phone number, mailing address, any literature or pricing information. (???)  It only allows you to submit your email address and request literature available by postal mail. So here is the information included on the Mother Jones ad, the owner's name and his email address.

Rhoades Car
1-615-822-2737 Ext. 23084 (That's simply the code for them to see you heard about it from Mother Jones. So do mention your heard about it from Electrifying Times as well, OK? Thanks!)
They do have a section with lots of pictures, click "showroom".

David Rhoades
125 Rhoades Lane
Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075