December 5th 2001

The first Zero Point electromagnetic radiation energy patent was issued to Dr. Frank Mead on Dec. 31, 1996. Patent  no. 5,590,031 made history as Dr. Mead of Edwards Air Force Base designed spherical receivers to access zero point electromagnetic radiation. These receiving devices that convert neutrinos, gamma rays, tachyons to electricity require very high frequency receiver technology. Dr. Mead grapples with the high frequencies that may extend up to 10 to the 40th Hz (cycles per second).

To get an idea of the dimensions of these high zero point frequencies, gigahertz radar is only 10 to the 10th Hz. Visible light is about 10 to the 14th Hz and gamma rays reach into the 10 to the 20th powers where the wave length is smaller than an atom. It appears very small particle devices are necessary to access these very high frequency zero point energy particles. Dr Mead is interested in working with single particles like protons or neutrons that may only be slightly different by only parts per trillion. 

Again read carefully articles on the secrets of Tesla's electric Pierce-Arrow finally revealed, page 18 of vol 8 no 3 in the recent blockbuster issue of Electrifying Times. This special issue bares all about revolutionary suppressed free energy technology. It took a year to gather all this information to put in one issue. 

Nicola Tesla was the first human on planet earth to build a zero point energy receiving device and convert it to electricity to power his electric Pierce-Arrow. Zero point electromagnetic radiation energy may potentially be used to power interplanetary craft as well as provide for society's electric power needs. 

This technology has remained unharnessed as far as mainstream science is aware. Although a few private inventors besides Nikola Tesla have had successes tapping into the Zero Point electromagnetic energies, their technology has been highly suppressed. Inventors labs have been raided or destroyed.

Dr. Marc Millis of NASA's new Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Research Program has published articles relating to Zero Point Space Drives. "Challenge to Create the Space Drive" (J. Prop. & Power, V.13. No. 5, 1997, p. 577). In it Dr. Millis states, "Electromagnetism is also suggested as a target phenomenon for space drive research because of ZPF. (Zero Point Field) ZPF is also an electromagnetic
phenomenon and discovering a way to react with ZPF would likely create a space drive" 

References: and Inside Zero Point Energy by Thomas Valone, Infinite Energy Magazine, Vol 5, Issue 26,

On June 23, 2004 we received this email from Jack Nachamkin.
Remy C. ET webed

Dear Electrifying Times,

I came across this web page that gave all the credit to Frank Mead for our invention to tap zero-point energy. While I can't claim full credit, the invention was based on my previous work on electromagnetic scattering, when I noticed that near-resonances occurred on spherical dielectrics at specific frequencies, enhancing the fields by many orders of magnitude. Frank was my boss at EDWARDS AFB at the time of the patent application and we, along with Bob Forward, had a number of discussions on the subject.

Further work on ball lightning I did at EDWARDS will appear in October in Antennas and Propagation Magazine. The paper is an "elementary" introduction to some concepts. If you are interested, I will send you a preprint. You can see a bit of my work if you "GOOGLE" me.


Jack Nachamkin
SURVICE Engineering Company
4695 Millennium Drive
Belcamp, MD 21017-1505
Voice: (410)273-7722, Ext. 137

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