Ken Trough writes:

It was the "show stopper" product at the EVAA conference in Hollywood, Florida in December 2002. 

It's called the "Sky Raider" and it's electric, 72V, reaches an elevation of 6000 ft, and is going to be marketed as a silent banner tow platform for sporting events as well as to the military as an inexpensive recon/bombing platform. 120lb weight and quick setup. 400lb payload capacity.

This prototype is currently designed to carry a human, but future unmanned versions are possible.

The company that makes it is called InnoMotion Systems, Inc. (760-439-9100) and they work closely with Rad2Go in Oceanside, California.

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- Ken Trough

Additional Information from Bruce Meland: The glider weighs just 120 lbs yet can carry a 400lb payload. It uses an InnoMotion Motor and is to have lithium-ion polymer batteries from Compact Power Inc. who recently set a Pikes Peak record for electric vehicles. "We just cut a deal" Cost of the Sky Raider? around "$20,000", said John Wang, CEO of at the EVAA-ETIC Conference.

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