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Electrifying Times

(Main Office)
63600 Deschutes Market Road
Bend, Oregon 97701

Steve Rhyner

Publisher & Editor in Chief:

Bruce Meland,

Bruce Meland founded Electrifying Times in 1993. He is an award winning and record breaking electric motorcycle builder. He owns and operates a wildlife preserve in Silverton, Oregon.


Remy Chevalier

Remy Chevalier joined Bruce Meland in 1995.
 He retired from website duties in 2015. He still manages the ET list Yahoo group. He is director of the Environmental Library Fund in Connecticut. Co-produces the annual Westport Electric Car Club EV rally.


Noel Adams,

Originally from England, Noel worked in the automobile industry in the Middle East before moving to California. He is now a senior database administrator with a strong interest in EVs at the movies. Noel hosts the EV Finder section.

Tai Robinson,

Tai and Intergalactic Hydrogen get a lot of press for doing Hummer conversions to all-fuel vehicles. Tai also writes for Dennis Weaver's Ecolonomics newsletter.

Dave Cutter,

Dave publishes Village Energy and New Energy News in San Diego. Dave has covered many events for Electrifying Times, contributing text and pictures, assisting in photo shoots.

Occasional Writers:

John Bryan, 

John is a videographer and covers EV racing events. You can sample some of his work in the EVideo section. He is putting final touches to the first Electrifying Times video.

Bill Dube',

Bill is the technical director of NEDRA, covers EV drag racing news, and has converted and drives his 192v VW Rabbit as a daily commuter.

John Wayland,

John is an ex-president of NEDRA, covers EV drag racing news, has designed and built numerous EVs over the past 20 years, electrically commutes, writes road test reviews, and submits general EV related stories.

Technical Consultant:

Marshall Houston,

Marshall is a past chapter president of NEDRA Portland. He contributes research and surfs the web for news items. His main interests are EV racing, better motors & better batteries.

Honorary Staff:

Josh Landess

Josh has been a regular contributor to evworld and a sometimes contributor to Electrifying Times. He has a degree in Economics from the school of Arts and Sciences at The University of Illinois and a long-standing interest in Consumer Rights and Issues.

India Correspondents:

Kisan Bhat,

Kisan Bhat is webmaster for the Electrifying Times - India Edition. Kisan lives in Bangalore. He has a long time supporter of environmental issues.

Rajnish Sharma,

Rajnish Sharma is a professional journalist who is committed to making the world a pollution-free paradise. He has worked with The Times of India and currently with the Hindustan Times, another leading daily of India. He also writes for a few Indian dotcoms.

Print Edition Graphic Design:

Robin Locher,
Darius Whitten,

Lynn Owens,
Kelly Hewitt,

Taffy Gleason,

Calendar Girl Poster Art:

Bill Morrison,

You can check out Bill's work for ET on these pages: Cowgirl & Calendar Girl.
You can also read his biography.

Website Graphic Logo Design:

Chris Brown,

Chris has designed website logos and icons for Electrifying Times. He will contribute more in the future.


Shirley McCart,

The website was started in 1997 by Shirley's husband Tom. She took it over in 1998. She retired from web duty in 2001. 


All materials sent to Electrifying Times, either by snail or email, become the property of Electrifying Times. Anyone contributing copy-written material retains copyright of their material, allowing Electrifying Times the free and wide use of their material, either online or in print. Electrifying Times can and will try to cover research expenses whenever possible, but cannot yet offer proper remuneration for submissions. All Electrifying Times staff is made up of volunteers, for the exception of the graphic arts and lay-out studio staff assembling the print edition. To submit articles & stories for the website, send all material to webmaster as plain text in the body of the email, with no text file attachments please. Images should be sent in a separate email, items properly described in the subject line, as jpegs, sized for the web, no larger than 700 pixels in width. All submissions to the print edition, please send glossies or CD burns of graphics, media press kits, books, etc... plus any other material you might have for review to our postal addresses above, thank you.