October 26th 2003

This is just the beginning... a dream years and years in the making... today new lighter and more powerful plastic batteries, as well as new lighter and more powerful electric motors, are about to make Alan Cocconi's life long dream come true.

Alan Cocconi, founder and president of AC Propulsion, was front and center when he designed and built the controller for GM's Impact, later to be introduced as the EV-1 after someone had the sudden realization that "impact" wasn't such a cool name for a car. The "duh" factor must have hit the geniuses at GM square on the head again!

You can read all about the whole debacle in a sweet little book called "The Car That Could" published back in 1996.

GM went ahead and spent a Billion freakin dollars to try and prove to the world that electric vehicles wouldn't work, all this knowing full well motor and battery technology that would make it all possible was already on the proof-of-concept bench!

Now everybody in Hollywood wants a tZero, and Governor elect Arnold Schwarzenegger is putting his entire weight, and he's a heavy dude, behind Alan's dream to create a whole new kind of automobile industry in California, to bring innovation and technological excellence back to the state.

Problem is, the tZero needs to "look" and "smell" the part, and right now, frankly, that little yellow shell looks flimsy and dated. So if you're in automobile design school and want a shot at designing the next generation of American muscle cars, get your Adobe Illustrator out, and start sending sketches to:

Read Tom Gage's comments, president of AC Propulsion, to the ZEV Press Conference in March 2003.

"Welcome. Welcome to the Camp, I guess you all know why we're here."
Tommy, by Pete Townsend

Remy C.
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