Electrifying Times invested 6 months and a lot of resources to publish the Preview 2000 double issue, a full color glossy directory of 45 clean vehicles so you, as future car buyers, can be aware of these vehicle choices. They are less polluting and kinder to the environment. Consider them when you make your next vehicle purchase. 

Table of Contents Vol 6, No. 1&2

6.  Dodge Intrepid ESX2 
7.  Toyota RAV4
9.  Luciole Kicks Butt! By John Wayland
11. Toyota E-com
12. Lithium Polymer Battery
15. Hybrid  Electric HMMWV 
17. Nissan Altra EV 
18. Daimler-Zebra A-Class Electric
20. Twike 21 Citroen Electric 
21. Citroen Electric
22. Fiat Seicento Electric 
23. Ford Ranger EV, Chevy S10 Electric 
24. Renault Electric Clio
25. Toyota Prius Hybrid EV 
26. t ZERO 
27. Th!nk
28. NECAR 3, Daimler-Benz Fuel Cell Car
29. Toyota Rav4 Fuel Cell Car
30. 1919 Raush & Lang Electric 
31. Peugeot Electric 106 & Electric Scooter
32. Charge Across America by Kris Trexler
36. Sparrow & ELectra
37. Electric Lotus Elise
38. Panoz Q9 GT Hybrid 
40  Wayland's World by John
43. Honda EV Plus 
44  EV's for Emergency Home Power
46. Z.E.R.O.-1 EV Racer
47. AVS Hybrid Electric Bus 
48. Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries 
52. Solectria Sunrise and Flash 
53. Chrysler Epic Van 55. Silver Volt 
55. Silver Volt
59. Current Eliminator and Maniac Mazda 

Preview 2000 is the official Electric Auto Association's Buyers Guide. 

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