Tai Robinson's Green Hummer Diary to Electrifying Times

Friday, October 10, 2003


There you will find the beginnings of the Intergalactic Hydrogen dot com web site. Our latest project is building a concept vehicle called "Green Hummer" This vehicle will embrace Intergalactic Hydrogen's philosophy that multi-fuel vehicles are the answer to building the need for a Hydrogen Highway. Our prototype vehicle will be on the road by this 24th of October, 2003. This vehicle will have the amazing ability to run on 5 fuels. Hydrogen, CNG (compressed natural gas), SVO (straight vegetable oil) and Bio-Diesel while retaining its ability to still use Diesel. After a brief introduction of the vehicle in Taos, New Mexico the Intergalactic Hydrogen Green Hummer will be driven to California on the 1st of November with a documentary film crew aboard. This "Air Cleaning" Hummer is currently under construction in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

World Peace Through Clean Air!


Saturday, October 11, 2003

We would like to move up the departure from Taos to make it to the CH2BC meeting in Torrance on 31 Oct. Then I have been invited to showcase the Green Hummer at a special event at EVS-20 on the 17th. Would also like to offer the "Governator" the opportunity to use the Green Hummer for his Inauguration.


Thursday October 16, 2003

ET: We invited the entire limousine and livery industry based in Southern California to attend EVS-20 today.

Tai: That sounds useful. If you know of anyone in the electric drive that would be interested in partnering up for a hybrid H2combustion/Electric motor drive vehicle, that would be a great match.


Thursday October 16, 2003

ET: Will the Green Hummer be ready for the Environmental Media Awards and EVS-20?

Tai: Yeah, the Hummer will be ready. All parts are ordered, some arriving and starting to be installed. Unveiling is at the Angel's Nest Retreat last week of October. California premiere will be at CH2BC meeting on halloween, maybe we need to get it a costume? Having trouble getting into EVS-20. They denied our media registration for an Ecolonomics in Action article. Delegate registration is too much for our budget and the only way to get a vehicle in the ride and drive is to have a booth. I will be talking to the booth person tomorrow, do not know if we can swing a deal. Both GREEN HUMMER and H2TOY should be at this event.

Any help you have to offer is greatly appreciated. I hope the World is ready for an American Fuel Vehicle....GREEN HUMMER, 5 American Fuels in the most American of Vehicles.

Unfortunately it will be illegal to drive on California highways until we get California Air Resources Board (CARB) and EPA certification. The only way Intergalactic Hydrogen can even think about cert. is with Mr. Schwarzenegger and the Natural Gas Vehicle
Coalition (NGVC).

I am hoping we can streamline the cert. process and eliminate the prohibiting costs so conversions can actually be a reality. Argentina does 25,000 CNG conversions a month for $600, the only CARB certified CNG conversion costs $12,000 from Baytech in the good 'ol USA. And NGVC is such an exclusive country club with absolutely no educating or marketing that it is killing the industry.

I would like to see CNG vehicles coming from the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), but they are not providing the vehicles that the consumers want. Supporting OEM's and not supporting aftermarket conversions is too limiting, we have the technology to make solid, reliable aftermarket conversions and these need to be promoted instead of squashed.

Right now we also need bi-fuel, or multi-fuel vehicles to really use them. The CNG and Hydrogen infrastructure will not grow without demand and without the cars there is no potential for the demand. Having a CNG vehicle retain its ability to use gasoline is a good thing not a bad thing. That means that particular vehicle is available to a much larger audience than just fleets with their own fuel supply. With the price of gasoline rising and the lower cost of CNG, consumers will purchase the lower cost, cleaner fuel when it is available to them. But they have to be able to use their vehicle anywhere they would use any other vehicle and for now that means using a little gasoline. But I am not worried about this because economically CNG makes sense to the consumer and they will demand to use it if they have the vehicle they want to drive capable of operating on CNG.

Limos, taxi cabs, rental cars they are all in our sites. The larger the vehicle to be converted the better we can lower mobile source pollution.

Have you seen EV World Hydrogen Heroics? We are honored to be considered heroes, and I do not mind anyone writing off 100% of a Hummer if it is running on H2 and the Intergalactic certified conversion is a write off too!


Tuesday, October 21, 2003

ET: Are you looking for funding?

Tai: I think we are always looking for funding. We would like to build a fleet of these, some for promotions, some for productions, like ski movies. Some for the service industry and for customers as well. I will pursue just about any contact that seems to have a good match with what we are doing and SoBe Chocolate from what I just read sounds good. A GREEN HUMMER pulling up to a ski area and handing out chocolate to the guests enters my mind?!


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Tai writes to EVS-20:

I would like to propose to you displaying our concept vehicle GREEN HUMMER at the ride-n-drive event at EVS-20 in Long Beach. As well we would like you to have the opportunity to display our prototype vehicle H2TOY. This history making 1999 Toyota Tacoma is the first vehicle to cross the USA using hydrogen for fuel. Intergalactic Hydrogen, being educators and working with the nonprofit Institute of Ecolonomics to further public awareness of sustainable technologies does not have the budget to reserve both space to display our multi-fuel, flex-fuel vehicles. What we do have to offer is bringing with us members of Mr. Schwarzenegger's transition team and maybe an appearance by Arnold himself. With this comes a wonderful opportunity for EVS-20, the state of California and the American Fuel Vehicle industry. I would appreciate your time in discussing this further.


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

H2 is happening fast now. I have faith in the Governator to help us make this a reality. Since CARB got involved 10 years ago the conversion business has vanished. Their requirements used to be too lax. But now they are so tight and restrictive that it has squashed the industry. Hopefully Arnold can help us streamline this. Starting with our H2 conversion to get certified at full expense on his dime to see how unrealistic it is. Then maybe we can start selling conversions for a couple thousand instead of ten to twenty-thousand with a sensible certification process.


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I have offered Terry Tamminen the use of the GREEN HUMMER to Arnold for the inauguration. I saw Terry in Carpinteria at the Hydrogen Highway announcement he reassured me that we would be going forward with the H2 Hummer project soon. Now, talking with Jim Heffel at UC Riverside, he was under the impression that they would get the go ahead for the project soon. I understand there are about 6 California companies with proposals on the desk at Environment Now.

I was contacted on Monday by Rick Margolin at Environment Now about getting a revised bid in to him so they could make the decision. He was not clear on exactly what they wanted out of the conversion other than the ability to run on hydrogen. All he knows is it is an H2 to be converted. We need to know the year, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and miles on it before we can even give a proper bid. Our bid is unique in that we will be able to deliver a CARB certified vehicle for CNG and a blend of H2 at up to 30% within about a month of getting the contract.

After that we will have experimental registration to modify it to run on 100% H2. My sources say no other bidders are offering Cert. We think this is what has to be, so when people see this thing, they could legally purchase it if they want. Once people see Mr. Schwarzenegger driving an air cleaning Hummer, they are going to want one also.

Below is the text of our letter to Environment Now:

Dear Terry, Daniel and Rick,

Thank you for the opportunity to submit a proposal to convert Mr. Schwarzenegger’s H2 Hummer into a multi-fuel, flex-fuel vehicle capable of running on gaseous hydrogen as well as other American-sourced fuels such as ethanol and CNG.

Intergalactic Hydrogen has successfully demonstrated its skills in vehicle conversion, having gained significant industry and media visibility following the conversion of a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck to run on gaseous hydrogen in a multi-fuel, flex-fuel configuration that also includes ethanol and CNG.

Presently, Intergalactic Hydrogen is completing the conversion of a diesel H1 Hummer to run in a multi-fuel, flex-fuel configuration. When completed next week, the “Green Hummer” will run on bio-diesel, SVO (straight vegetable oil), CNG and hydrogen (as well as the original petro-diesel).

Following is a brief overview of the rationale that we are proposing for converting Mr. Schwarzenegger’s H2 Hummer into a multi-fuel, flex-fuel vehicle. Intergalactic Hydrogen believes that the practical limitations imposed by the lack of a comprehensive hydrogen fueling infrastructure necessitates the deployment of multi-fuel, flex-fuel vehicles that can serve as a bridge to justifying the capital investment required to make the hydrogen infrastructure commonplace in California, while utilizing and leveraging existing and proven infrastructure and resources.

Intergalactic Hydrogen envisions its role in this project as the principal contractor managing overall System Design, Integration and Delivery. Specific technical expertise from proven industry vendors will be utilized to successfully meet the contracted delivery product and schedule.

The CNG conversion and certification will be performed by Baytech Corporation (a CA woman majority-owned business). Baytech is widely recognized for producing the only CARB certified CNG conversions for GM vehicles and is highly regarded for their superior work product. Baytech has several installers throughout California to pool knowledge from for this project including vehicles that are currently being tested on hydrogen.

Tank installation, design, engineering, testing and hydrogen upgrades will be performed by Enviromech Industries, LLC, at their Thousand Palms, CA facilities.

Fuel storage cylinders will be provided by Dynetek. Dynetek and Enviromech are established partners, together producing the strongest, lightest-weight compressed fuel storage systems in the industry.

Style enhancement products for the H2 Hummer will be supplied by Jahn Dolphin of RealWheels Accessories (it is my understanding that Jahn has previously performed work for Mr. Schwarzenegger).

Several other prominent industry partners have expressed interest in participating in this project with Intergalactic Hydrogen should our company be granted the contract.

Intergalactic Hydrogen proposes to commence the project for Mr. Schwarzenegger by obtaining CARB and EPA certification for a bi-fuel, CNG/gasoline Hummer H2. It is anticipated that this development milestone can be attained in approximately 30 days. Concurrently, we will begin the process of sourcing the highest quality components available and implementing technical upgrades that will enable the Hummer to utilize hydrogen, CNG and ethanol as its fuel sources (in addition to the original gasoline). Once bi-fuel certification is achieved these conversions will be available to the public. With the overwhelming response to this project already, I believe this could be a very desirable option to consumers.

Intergalactic Hydrogen appreciates the opportunity to bid on this project and respectfully requests the allowance of three additional business days to obtain final cost estimates to submit to you in a formal proposal. Required information from Mr. Schwarzenegger to complete this proposal is as follows: The year of the vehicle, the VIN number and the exact mileage. Newer vehicles are easier to emissions certify. Vehicles with over 4,000 miles on them are at a disadvantage to certify because they end up being over penalized in the deterioration test.

Additionally, we look forward to having the opportunity to demonstrate our concept vehicle, the “Green Hummer,” to Mr. Schwarzenegger and you in the near future. The vehicle is scheduled to make its California debut on October 31 at the California Hydrogen Business Council Quarterly Meeting in Torrance. Following that, it is scheduled to make several public appearances throughout California during November.

Thank you,


Thursday, October 23, 2003

Our bid is being submitted today. And it will be with Baytech to certify the conversion. It is the same 6.0L engine that other GM vehicles have but GM certified it as a different engine family so we must re-certify it for this particular vehicle, even though Baytech already has the 6.0L engine certified for CNG use in other vehicles. This is just one example of how over regulating is making this industry not economically viable. The industry is struggling and it has the potential to thrive. I hope this helps jump start the industry and provide more American Fuel Vehicle options to the consumer.


Friday, October 24, 2003

ET: Does Arnold really have something called the Green Team?

Tai: Yes, I found it in that looooong list of employment opportunities at JoinArnold.com and put it at the top of my positions requested. They may not be ready for me to sit on the SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) governing board! We might actually get the air clean starting with the dirtiest mobile source polluters and working our way down the dirtiest vehicles list.

Procurement officer would be good, then I would get to recommend all state vehicle purchases. That might be a conflict though if I ordered all Intergalactic Hydrogen converted vehicles. I would love to shake things out at CARB and ignite a revolution of conversions that could be economically viable without the burdensome expense associated with certification. Since CARB steeped in the industry has died. Maybe 10,000 conversions in the state the last ten years.

Argentina is converting 25,000 per month at $600 US dollars each with parts and labor! Talk about the government squashing an industry! The big OEM's actually get to skip certification costs if only producing a few thousand vehicles of a type. We small guys have to pay a prohibitive amount to cert. which can never be recouped selling as few conversions as the market demands right now. Especially at the price we have to charge to cover expenses. We got to change this.

CA is where they need the air cleaned the most and it happens to be where it is the most restrictive to do so. Our original bid to the Schwarzenegger camp was approaching $400,000 to deliver a certified vehicle, legal to drive on CA highways. All our partners are willing to do this job at cost to them so Arnold is getting the absolute best deal anyone possible could to develop this vehicle.

I just sent my proposal in and they expect to put it to bed next week. I hope I bid high enough to cover all associated costs... I also hope I bid low enough to get the contract. This is tense. I believe we have offered the absolute best option with our group of California businesses performing work at cost to provide a certified conversion with our promotion team in place to do a broad based media assault with this.



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