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WASHINGTON, D.C., JANUARY 11, 2001 The Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas (EVAA) today announced the addition of Frank C. Ingriselli from energy provider Texaco Inc. to its Board of Directors. The 20-member Board governs the Association, a non-profit devoted to promoting the use of electric transportation technologies and representing a group of approximately 100 manufacturers and their suppliers, energy providers and state and local governments. Texaco's association with EVAA marks an expansion in the electric transportation industry to include non-utility energy providers.

"Texaco has leaped onto the electric vehicle scene with its focus on commercialization efforts in fuel cells and other associated technologies, including the development of viable fuel-processing technologies for fuel cells," said EVAA Executive Director Kateri Callahan. "Texaco's addition to EVAA's Board expands our group to include non-utility energy providers, and assures that EVAA is representative of the full complement of industry segments that comprise the electric transportation industry. We are delighted to be working with Texaco in promoting battery-electric, hybrid-electric and fuel cell technologies."

According to Ingriselli, president of Texaco Technology Ventures Inc., a new business unit of Texaco focused on the commercialization of energy-related technologies, joining EVAA's Board reflects the company's commitment to developing the next generation of advanced energy technologies. "We intend to be a company that is responsive to the changing face of the marketplace and the energy sector," Ingriselli said. "Texaco aims to be a leader in the development and commercialization of environmentally smart alternative energy technologies."

Earlier this year, Texaco acquired a 20 percent equity interest in EVAA Board member company Energy Conversion Devices (ECD). The two companies have since formed Texaco Ovonic Fuel Cell Company, L.L.C., and Texaco Ovonic Hydrogen Systems, L.L.C., 50-50 joint ventures to further develop and advance the commercialization of technology to store hydrogen in metal hydrides and ECD's Ovonic Regenerative Fuel Cell.

Last fall, Texaco announced its intent to acquire EVAA Board member General Motors' share of a joint venture with ECD that has developed an advanced battery technology for the automotive market. The new entity, to be renamed Texaco Ovonic Battery L.L.C. will manufacture and commercialize nickel metal hydride (NiMH) electric vehicle and hybrid-electric vehicle batteries, as well as expand its applications to a broad range of energy markets.

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EVAA is the industry association working to advance electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure through policy, information and market development initiatives in the U.S., and to serve as the Americas' representative to the World Electric Vehicle Association. EVAA members include auto companies and other vehicle manufacturers, electric utilities, EV component suppliers, research institutions and government agencies. The Association serves as the industry's source of information about electric vehicles.