From: Trym Helbostad

Monday, January 19, 2004
New Th!nk News from Norway

Dear Bruce,

Attached you'll find some images of TH!NK Open.

you can find more images of the coming TH!NK city.

The batteries will be NaNiCl. When it comes to further information about the production start-up, I see Audun have translated the information we already have given to the Norwegian market from the last TH!NK Info. More details can be given on a later stage.

Best regards,
Trym Helbostad
Think Nordic AS

From: Audun Vaaler
via: "murdoch"

Tue Dec 16, 2003
Subject: News from Norway

I thought you might like to know that a brand new newsletter has just been posted on Think Nordic's Norwegian website (the first one since July 2002). It can be found at:
and has some interesting pictures.

Highlights include:

* Production of the new Think City will start in the second half of 2004. Initial volumes will be low, and the car will only be sold in Europe.

* A new version of the Think Open convertible has been built. In contrast to the first version it's fully usable, approved for use on public roads and has a range of 125 km (ca. 80 miles). It will be used for marketing the new regular model. The article hints that the convertible could be put in production if public interest is high enough.

* Electric cars have become very popular with commuters in the Oslo area, mainly because EVs now are allowed in bus lanes.

* A new batch of refurbished Think Citys (returned from the US) are available for sale to people on Think Nordic's waiting lists.

* Crown Prince Haakon has bought a Think City (used). It will probably be used for commuting (either by him or his staff) between his residence outside Oslo and the Royal Palace. This would save time since the car is allowed to use bus lanes.

In other words: Good news, at least for Europeans.