Toyota Motor Corp. reportedly has plans to begin selling its tiny, two-passenger 'e-com' EV later this year or early next year in the U.S.,Europe and Japan,reports Nihon Keizai Shimbun. Citing industry sources, the paper reports the commuter EV will retail for $11,600 to $13,900. The e-com uses a battery pack built by Panasonic EV Energy Co. and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.(Toyota's joint venture Co.) The 62 mile range e-com is a steel- bodied, 3 door EV and is about 9 ft. long and 5ft. wide. In our next printed issue to the public, we will have a full page of color photos and specific details on how you may purchase one. The issue will be titled "Preview 2000" and will cover all major EV and HEV manufacurers worldwide and their products, that will offer these environmental friendly vehicles by late 1999. Don't miss this special issue. Subscribe and help clean up the Planet!