Left to right: Mary Chin (Oasis,) Mark Keegan (Toyota,) Alexandra Guiterman (Toyota,) Jim Firestone (Oasis), Aditya Verma (Oasis employee spouse)

Toyota and Oasis Advertising Get Their Hands Dirty
(posted Monday, October 14, 2002)

Dear Electrifying Times,

We thought you might be interested in this bit of news about Oasis Advertising and their client, Toyota. We have also attached a photo of some of the volunteers at Union Square Park in Manhattan, NY.

Oasis Advertising supported their client, Toyota, and the National Park Service by volunteering for National Public Lands Day. Toyota is a corporate sponsor of National Public Lands Day - a one - day annual event that brings volunteers together to improve public lands used for recreation and enjoyment. This year's event took place on Saturday, September 28 at approximately 500 sites throughout the United States. It was estimated that over 70,000 volunteers participated, thanks in part to efforts from Oasis Advertising. Oasis generated awareness for the event by developing a direct mail piece and an online marketing program.

But the agency didn't stop there. Oasis employees also participated in National Public Lands Day by volunteering at Union Square Park in Manhattan, NY. They painted benches, planted flowers, mulched and cleaned up garbage.

Environmental issues aren't new to this agency. Toyota has been working with Oasis for over 10 years, and recently tapped them to handle the Prius account, Toyota's gas-electric hybrid car.

"It was great to be able to give something back to the community. People brought along their families and we worked side-by-side with a troop of Girl Scouts" said Eric McClure, Media Director and Founding Partner of Oasis. "Union Square Park is an oasis, too, so it was fitting for us to pitch in."

Apparently Oasis Advertising isn't afraid to get their hands dirty to support the cause.

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