Jay Leno 

the Viento

by Dave Cutter

By the bye, I was up at the factory last week where the Viento is being lovingly hand-built to order, I saw the whole operation, went through a comprehensive safety and service training course, and came away with a renewed appreciation for just what it is that I'm selling and promoting. It's a fabulous bike and my belief in it has certainly been reinforced by all that I learned and observed during my 9 hour session in Van Nuys.

Afterwards, my cousin's son got one, and on Monday, a gent from Colorado ordered two from me after seeing them on our website

He is an ex-Nascar driver and had to have one for himself and his girlfriend. These motorbikes are really moving well, and any old excuse I have to ride mine, I'm out there! It's a gas! . . well, no it's not, actually . . It's Electric!

Remy at Electrifying Times will like this photo I've attached . . hey, let the celebs throw their weight behind anything going in the electric direction, that's what I say.

The VIENTO is hand made in Van Nuys, California by the The Electric Cycle Company. Jay was presented with his own Viento on (now look very closely at the photo, . . er, right hand bottom corner to see the date), and it was during the taping of a 'special' TV program that will be honoring Bob Hope's centennial (100-years-old birthday in May this year).

Please be careful not to infer that Mr. Leno is in any way endorsing the product. He is quite a collector of Harleys, and expensive motor cars, but the Viento is something quite special. It is, after all, . . ELECTRIC!

So I would be inclined to use some caption like, 'Leno Goes Electric!' or 'Electric Jay Leno and His Viento' . . hey, whatsamattayougottanorespect?!!!

Dave Cutter